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If you're feeling inundated with all that trash on the TV about Rev Wright and all the anti-Obama garbage being thrown by the vile insiders and their media, take a minute to watch this Roger Waters song. (Although first take a look at this Wall Street Journal/MSNBC poll which basically makes the case that even with the entire corporate media smearing Obama 24/7 about Rev. Wright, the biggest problem any candidate is facing because of an association is McCain-- and the association is George W. Bush.
In the survey, 43 percent of registered voters say they have major concerns that McCain is too closely aligned with the current administration.

By comparison:

36 percent have major concerns that Clinton seems to change her position on some issues (like driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and the North American Free Trade Agreement, which her husband signed but which she now opposes)
34 percent say they’re bothered by Obama’s “bitter” remarks
32 percent have a major problem with the Illinois senator’s past associations with Wright and the 1960s radical William Ayers
27 percent have serious concerns that Bill Clinton would have too much influence on U.S. policy decisions if his wife is elected

On my way back from the airport today I was listening to an interview on NPR about the political attitudes in a KKK bastion of Indiana, Martinsville. One guys who sounded like he may have spent some time running around in a sheet and pillow case once or twice in his lifetime, seemed very uncomfortable with the idea of a woman or an African-American president. But he absolutely dismissed out of hand the idea of voting for McCain who he said is too aligned with Bush. I don't think he reads the Journal. In the end he said his male chauvinist side was pushing him towards Obama. I was hoping he may have seen Pink Floyd's Obama pig (see above) floating by and that that had convinced him. But it wasn't.
"I think a lot of things would change. Probably the male chauvinist in me is going to vote for the man just because. I'm going to be honest, it probably won't be McCain, since he stands for everything George Bush stands for. I think [Obama] says he doesn't take money from the lobbyists, which I think can be real positive."

Anyway, here's Roger:

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At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had the most fascinating conversation with my therapist yesterday about the candidates. She told me she could not believe how disconnected and disingenious McCain and Clinton are. Well in regard to McBush she actually said divorced from reality. Any way after 7 years of criminals running our government, maybe we sense that while Obama has made mistakes, it least he tells the truth...Oh and make sure you watch Jon Stewarts Festival of Wrights. Its online...

My daughter is studying for her AP exams and last night I made her take a break and we watched Network. Not so far fetched anymore


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