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Today's Moonie Times reports on the still smoldering emnity between Senator John McCain and Congressman Ron Paul. McCain went so far as to back-- albeit surreptitiously-- an insurgent right wing primary opponent against Paul. Paul walked over him without breaking a sweat. And now Paul is hardly in the mood to bury and hatchets and reconcile with the inevitable Republican presidential candidate. And his supporters hate McCain more than he does! Paul claims his supporters-- passionate newcomers-- are being given the cold shoulder by the button down Insider Establishment types who control the Double Talk Express.
The Texas congressman says neither he nor his supporters have heard from Mr. McCain or Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan since March 4, when the Arizona senator accumulated enough delegates to clinch the party's presidential nomination.

"I don't think they want them," Mr. Paul told The Washington Times, adding that indifference doesn't surprise him because the party's establishment has deserted traditional conservative principles for big government and foreign intervention.

"We don't agree with them," he says. "We agree with the Old Right, and they're the New Right, which is 'The Wrong,' [because] the New Right has morphed into neoconservative."

Many of his 800,000 presidential nomination votes were from newcomers to the Republican Party-- the kind of dedicated small-donor volunteers the party needs, he says.

One of the least credible of the bloodsucking lobbyists who runs McCain's campaign, Charles Black, is whining that Paul's supporters are getting the could shoulder because Paul hasn't prostrated himself and kissed the ring, promised to be a good boy and stop telling everyone that the idea of endless war in Iraq is a bad idea. That's not likely to happen. Unlike McCain and other Insider political hacks, Paul actually believes in the stuff he talks about.
Mr. Paul says that neoconservatives who hijacked the Republicans extol what he most abhors: the belief that government is part of the solution, not the problem, and that America's inherent beneficence entitles it to force selected other nations to make themselves over in America's image.

That's partly the reason why, even though Mr. McCain has crossed the finish line of this marathon, Mr. Paul will keep running in states with upcoming primaries.

He wants to see whether the surprisingly successful appeal of his limited-government message represents the beginning of a "revolution" within the Republican Party similar to the one that began swelling the party's ranks with church-going newcomers 30 years ago.

...Fellow lawmakers say his supporters have all but taken over at least one state Republican Party-- in Montana-- and some county Republican parties in Texas.

He won't support Mr. McCain "unless he changes-- bring the troops home, believe in the gold standard, reject all the votes he ever had for all his entitlement spending. He needs to come back to the roots of the Republican Party."

Over 800,000 Republicans voted for Paul so far-- more than for Giuliani or Fred Thompson--  and his campaign raised over $32 million. Many Paul supporters say they are more likely to sit out the November election or vote for Obama than vote for McCain.

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At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are no circumstances under which I could be forced, even at gunpoint, to cast a vote for Juan McAmnesty. Mr. McCain is the most dangerous candidate to appear on the American presidential scene in the last 50 years and his election will mean nothing less than the end of the United States. I support Dr. Paul because he is the only candidate who understands economics and the concept of constitutionally limited government as set forth by our founding fathers. The three so-called "major" candidates represent the sorriest offering of "talent" that I can recall seeing in my lifetime. Obama, Clinton and McCain demonstrate the power of perception over reality and what can be accomplished if one spends enough time and money in "dumbing-down" enough of the population.

At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My solution is simple. Unless I see someone else appear with similar policies to Dr Paul (i.e. ones I agree with), I will *still* vote for Dr. Paul... even if I have to write him in.

I refuse to play the "lesser of two evils or you're 'wasting' your vote" game. Quite frankly, I think that voting for anyone but Dr Paul right now WOULD BE wasting my vote.


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