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I thought Clinton and Obama both sounded just fine at the debate last night-- two candidates with flaws who we can feel pretty proud of. And when you compare them to any of the pygmies... well, they are giants. Like I said the other day, now that John Edwards is no longer running for president, I feel more confident than ever in voting for him in the primary this Tuesday. It will be the progressive, anti-corporate ideas he expressed that get my vote, not any of the human frailties or political calculations. My hope, of course, that either of the Democrats who win will take note of the votes for Edwards are realize that being more pro-worker/pro-consumer and a less pro-corporate Insider pays off.

That isn't to say that I don't think one is a little better than the other. As good a candidate Hillary is, she still is very much a part of the Clinton Establishment which directly gave us the Bush Regime. I can do without all those horrible creeps who run her campaign and the idea of those people being back in power is enough to almost make me vote for Obama. Well, I actually did... vote for Obama. Yesterday, I joined 70.4% of MoveOn members and voted to endorse Obama. I'm not sure how much good it will do, but I don't see Hillary's nomination as inevitable any longer. Another week of Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary and the race should be lost for that team entirely. Obama is closing in on her in California, Texas and New Jersey and there is a feeling in the air that maybe-- just maybe-- he could actually win the nomination, slay the far right dragon and bring about some real change in America.


Seems like December was only yesterday, doesn't it? Well, since then almost a quarter million voters have registered in California. 75% of them are Democrats. Think about that. And some good news just for Obama: there's no Jerry and no Pigpen, no Vince, no Brent but what's left of the Grateful Dead is campaigning for Obama-- or at least doing a show for him. Super Tuesday Eve at the Warfield-- Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart-- a $35 benefit for Obama! [The show sold out in 5 minutes flat. But even if you missed your chance, you can still read why Ike's granddaughter, a lifelong Republican, has just endorsed Obama.]

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At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too will be voting for Edwards on Super Tuesday.



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