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In Brooklyn they're disguised as Democrats! Run for your life!

I'm from a part of Brooklyn where we had no Republicans to speak of. They rarely even bothered to run for office in the solidly middle class, highly educated district. The only time you ever got an inkling a Republican was running for something is when you saw campaign posters up that didn't identify which party the candidate was with. In Brooklyn we still had politicians with lizard brains though; they were the old line machine Democrats, like my own foul congressman Emanuel Celler who conspired with the Dixiecrats (all of whom eventually peeled back their masks and became Republicans) to thwart civil rights legislation.

Eventually one of the most aggressively selfish and greedy little bastards from James Madison High School became the congressman from the district. Now he's the senior senator from New York and the head of the DSCC. Lately he's been very preoccupied in barking at superdelegates and trying to force them into committing to Hillary. He took some time off from that to chase Andrew Horne, the progressive alternative to Schumer's reactionary pal Bruce Lunsford, out of the Senate race in Kentucky. Schumer was successful with his rotten shenanigans in Kentucky-- drying up all funding for Horne-- but when he wasn't paying attention to the superdelegates, they started abandoning Hillary and jumping over to Obama.

Chris Bowers reports at OpenLeft today that more and more superdelegates see the writing on the wall and are abandoning Clinton and Schumer.
Over the past thirty days, Obama has won significantly more endorsements from super delegates than Hillary Clinton. According to Democratic Convention Watch, on January 13th, Clinton led Obama 183 to 74 among super delegates. Currently, according to Democratic Convention Watch, Clinton leads Obama 224 to 132 among super delegates. If these numbers are accurate, it would mean that over the past thirty days Obama has received the endorsement of 58 super delegates, while Clinton has received the endorsement of 41. At this point, the only reason Clinton leads among super delegates is because of endorsements that took place before any voting or caucusing began this cycle.

A couple years ago I was on a conference call with Rahm Emanuel, who cultivates a tough guy persona in the extreme, and Schumer. Schumer was so brittle and so entitled and condescending that he actually made Emanuel look human in comparison. Schumer wound up slamming down the phone and stalking off in a huff while Emanuel made believe he was paying attention to the concerns of the conference callers his office had assembled. Interesting to see that nothing has changed for Chuckie since high school; must be genetic.

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At 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuckie, the lizard, showed his true colors, when he gave us Mukasey, as AG.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Media Czech said...

check out what Lizzy Schumer has been complaining about...


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D?-NY) was at Yale Law School today. I myself didn’t know about the talk (I was buried deep in manuscript writing) and didn’t go, but friends who were in the audience report that Schumer took the time in his talk to single out a progressive Kentucky blogger for calling him a lizard.

Now, even though Kentucky’s progressive blogosphere has had unkind truths to speak of Schumer as of late, I think the senior senator from New York is mistaken here.

It’s Down With Tyranny that has correctly identified Schumer’s genus and species as Phrynosoma modestum.

Last I checked, Down With Tyranny’s not based in Kentucky. He–like many others–just happens to share some opinions about Schumer, who will from now on be Chuck “Lizzy” Schumer.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Media Czech said...

woops, linky here

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Chuck Schumer Calls The Hillbilly.


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