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Chuck Schumer has a mind like a Republican's; click on his nose

A good friend and ally asked me, after the Brooklyn Lizard Man frightened Andrew Horne out of the race against Mitch McConnell, if I could ever consider getting behind reactionary Bruce Lunsford, the DSCC's fake Democratic hack in the race and, arguably (though not by me) the lesser of two evils.

The last thing in the world I want to do is in any way help further wreck the essense of the real Democratic Party and allow unscrupulous and contemptible insiders like Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel make it into a mere vehicle for the career adancement of creeps like themselves. Schumer and Emanuel want to "win"-- a worthy goal-- but electing Republicans who call themselves, for the sake of career advancement, "Democrats," is not winning, not even close. Earlier today we covered the release of the ranking of members of Congress by the League of Conservation Voters and it was sickening to see putative Democrats like Dan Boren (OK), Nick Lampson (TX) and Jim Marshall (GA) with lower rankings than many Republicans. Last night we covered the scurilous and vicious attacks on Democratic freshmen by the far right Republican front organziation the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and how make believe Democrats Jim Marshall (who has a clear record of voting for the Bush agenda when the chips are down), Zell Miller (apparently released from his rest home after hysterically endorsing George Bush and trashing John Kerry at the last GOP National Convention) and, of course, the always treacherous Joe Lieberman (who is planning to play the Zell Miller role and this years' Republican Convention where he will sear he never saw John McCain pawing any women or wearing any terrorist outfits on all their trips around the world) help run this outfit. A vote for Bruce Lunsford is a vote to put another "Democrat" is a position to use his party affiliation to denigrate Democratic values and Democrats who believe in them. Was anyone surprised when DLC leader Harold Ford was campaigning for rubber stamp Republican Chris Shays in Connecticut a few days ago? That's what these make believe Democrats do. I'd just as soon see McConnell "leading" a shrunken and powerless Republican minority in 2009-- even with the inclusion of Lieberman-- than waste an ounce of effort or a dime of resources on a swine like Schumer's hand-picked Lunsford (apparently not even a resident of Kentucky anymore, according to... Bruce Lunsford).

So wasn't I just delighted when some of my Kentucky friends called the other day after they had gotten back from a barbeque at the home of Greg Fischer, a Louisville native who has decided to make sure Kentucky has a choice between a Democrat and a Republican not between two Republicans. First thing Monday I got on the phone with Greg and found him to be a swell guy with his head on right and with distinctly all-American Democratic ideas about how to approach the problems that plague America, from health care to Iraq. He's running for McConnell's Senate seat and I'm sure we'll be writing more about him soon. Meanwhile, though, I wanted to relate something we talked about that has nothing-- at least nothing directly to do with politics.

I went to college in New York and Greg went to school in Nashville. Each of us, coincidentally, was booking the concerts at our respective schools. We got into a discussion of that and I was babbling on about how I put on concerts with The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Otis Redding, The Dead... and I asked him if there was one show he would pick out that he could say was the one that meant the most to him personally. Not a second of hesitation. Greg put on one of the last Bob Marley live concerts. We shared a Bob Marley moment and then he confided something in me that made me as sure I think he'll be a great senator as when he told me earlier he supports a woman's right to choice 100% and that it's none of the government's business interfere.

What Greg told me was that when he was still dating he would play some Marley for his date and watch her reaction to measure their compatibility prospects. (Apparently it worked out; he and his wife have 4 healthy-looking kids.) His other test was cool too. He would take the date to a Chinese restaurant and see if she would even try to use chopsticks. That's the kind of Democrat we need in the Senate instead of Mitch McConnell! Here, watch a Kentucky blogger giving Chuckie Cheese a hard time on behalf of grassroots Democrats everywhere:


Greg just got back to me after reading the above. "My life circle moves further toward completion as Bob Marley now becomes a piece of the Senate puzzle... Fyi, the name of the album that Bob Marley and his Wailers were promoting when I put them on in December 1979 was Survival. Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

I love when candidates talk about stuff other than politics. Now Darcy Burner... she makes music clips and sends them to her friends!

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At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do realize that every one of the "faux dems", that Schumer and Emmanuel have recruited do have one specific thing in common and that they have been, are and will be reliable about and that is the Likud party. Not the nation of Israel, but one party in that state.
There is a litmus test.

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On behalf of the folks from my home state where I was born and raised, I thank you for your efforts to help them find honest Dems to support

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it is good news. I was ready to stop following the race in Kentucky altogether. Poor Horne, he would definitely have been worthy of being our candidate to take down McConnell, and I couldn't understand why he dropped out. But now I know...Schumer did it. Geez that guy sucks ass. Throughout most of 2007, I liked thinking he wasn't like Emanuel, but he is.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Megaman, I know it is difficult to comprehend this-- and for me to say-- but in some ways Schumer is actually worse than Emanuel. Although when we're talking about relative positioning down that low on the decency scale, comparisons are functionally irrelevant.

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Jill said...

There's something to the Bob Marley test. Mr. Brilliant gave me a copy of "Babylon By Bus" for my birthday a month after we first met. That was 25 years ago this June. We'll celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in September.

Spot-on regarding the DINOs picked by Schumer and Emanuel. Enough of these hacks.

At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what the hell the DLC and Holy Joe are doing in CT ?!? First there is the Foundation for Defense of Democracies ads run against Chris Murphy and Joe Courtney. Now Harold Ford is shilling for Chris Shays and singing the praises of school vouchers in Fairfield, CT?

When Harold Ford, Jr. walked onto the Quick Center stage for his OPEN Visions forum he knew whose district he was standing in.

"There is not a better Congressman in Washington than Chris Shays," said Ford, to a crowd of about 600 Fairfield University students and community members.

"No national legislator has been to Iraq more times than Chris Shays."

Shays, who was also in attendence, responded, "The reason Harold Ford likes me so much is because when I realized that I wasn't going to be president, I went up to him and told him that he was one of the three legislator's that I thought would someday."

This is disgraceful. Howie Klein, you are the DLC expert. Please help. What kind of party runs against it's own. This is insane.


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