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"I remember people would say, ‘For once I would like to vote for the perfect candidate.’ I said, ‘You know, I had that experience once.’ I once voted for the perfect candidate. But by the time I ran for re-election, that wasn’t true anymore."

-Barney Frank (D-MA)

Take nothing at face value when it comes to treacherous hacks like Gerstein or his odious master, Lieberman

I voted for Barack Obama, far from a perfect candidate. I like the hope he represents but I voted for him because he's a slightly better candidate, in my mind, than Hillary Clinton. Her voting record is marginally better than his but they are both in the same ballpark on most important issues. Compare either to McCain and it isn't even close. McCain is a radical right ideologue with a long voting record that is as clear as day: his would be a third George W. Bush term, possibly even worse than Bush's two because of his truly unsuitable personal make up. Hillary and Obama look around equal to me, a couple of B-candidates compared to an F-candidate. Maybe she's a B-minus overall; he's not a B-plus, at least not on policy issues. In the end I just judged him more electable and reasoned that nothing is as important as stopping the reactionary Republicans from continuing to undermine all that is great and honorable about our country. I have no illusions about Obama; he is, after all, a man who chose Joe Lieberman, one of the most disgraceful characters in American politics as his Senate mentor.

Hillary and Obama have both run with a bad crowd of Insider Democrats, although on that count, one only needs look at who runs her campaign to start feeling uncomfortable about which corporate Republican-like self servers she would be appointing to fill out her administration. Is he as bad? Frankly, I'm not certain. The DLC, which represents the reactionary and corporate wing of the Democratic Party, is supporting him, according to a story today by Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left.

I'm not so sure that's exactly accurate. I suspect the DLC would prefer Hillary and be fine with Obama (even though a couple years ago he demanded they remove his name from their website). Still, there are certainly some DLC-swine on the Obama bandwagon, and probably more than just Lieberman shill Dan Gerstein (who just a few days ago was billing himself as neutral in the presidential race; all he cared about was that someone beat that unruly populist John Edwards).

The flurry of reports about Gerstein supporting Obama strikes me as somewhat odd. His most recent twisted and repugnant Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal made me think that his hysterical and uncontrollable hatred for grassroots Democrats would have him following Lieberman into the GOP. Where did this meme of Gerstein being an Obama supporter come from? Hugh Hewitt and Bill Bennett created it on their Hate Talk radio show where only a hack like Gerstein would even appear. Gerstein claims he "voted with Obama," and I assume that means he claims he voted for Obama. But it still sounds like a set-up to me and he certainly repeated right-wing anti-Obama talking points during the interview. My guess is that Gerstein will be in bed with McCain in no time at all.


Maybe he'll want to make believe he's an Obama supporter too. Reactionary Democrat Harold Ford, last year's only major Democratic loser-- since voters couldn't tell he was a Democrat by his positions-- has been up in Connecticut campaigning for rubber stamp Republican Chris Shays. Lieberman is also expected to formally endorse Shays. Jane:
Someone should let Ford know that the "D" in DLC is a passing reference to "Democrat."

You can donate to the Jim Himes campaign here.

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At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's something awfully Jerry Lewis about him.

At 1:19 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Well he has the same mentality as the corrupt Inland Empire Congress-hack and he's kind of a clown like the comedian one. Which did you have in mind?

At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Jim Himes?

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually both.

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