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-By Noah

The 2008 campaign season has seen the growing development of campaign savvy when it comes to candidates getting their campaign message to a significantly large number of people. For every Rudy "Did I mention 9/11?" Giuliani who spent $40 MILLION to get just one delegate for his party's convention, there are an untold number of Dan Besses. Dan Besse is not running for national office, but he is running for Lt. Governor in the North Carolina Democratic Primary. He is not the only Democrat seeking the nomination but he has already gotten the nod from Progressive Democrats of NC and North Carolina's Conservation Council PAC. Dan is a progressive and an activist working effectively for change in a state that is rapidly changing itself. The question is; how do you reach potential voters with a short, concise message that tells the voter why they should vote for you, and, how do you do it without the proverbial big bag of money? How do you tell voters who you are, what you have done, and how you can make things better? One answer is this remarkable grassroots video clip by Frank Eaton entitled "One Simple Illustration." Eaton's clip is being spread virally throughout the state. No big ad budget. No expensive soundstage or actors. Just inspired creativity that illustrates how one man saw a problem with the corrupt status quo, fixed it on behalf of the people of his region, and can do so much more. It's a lesson in civics, in less than 2 minutes. And, it's working. Besse has pulled within 1 point of his better financed "insider" rivals for the nomination. The "impossible" can be accomplished through simple grass roots, cost-effective methods.


A friend of mine is a Larry Kissell volunteer. Kissell may be in a slighter better financial position than Besse, but he is running a very tight grassroots ship and certainly can't afford expensive polling. The SEIU commissioned one, however, and it shows Larry is already ahead of Bush rubber stamp Robin Hayes in their rematch for the congressional seat Hayes has served so poorly.

Since next week Jim Neal, the progressive Democrat running to replace another Bush rubber stamp in North Carolina, Elizabeth Dole, becomes our second endorsed candidate in the state, I asked how Jim's presence at the top of the ticket would effect Larry's race. Keep in mind that my friend has already made a generous donation to Jim's campaign.
"Dude, we buy lemons in bulk just for the lemonade. You've met us. It doesn't matter. Larry is going to win. Whether it's a woman or openly gay man on the ticket above, or an African American above that for President... Change is here my friend. Isn't it nice when strategic and inspirational meet? Kinda like the opposite of triangulation!"

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At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dan Besse in the February Public Policy Poll was within one point of FIRST PLACE...

He was... AHEAD... of both better financed rivals!



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