Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Moderate Democrat Tony Sasso with moderate Republican Charlie Crist

Last night progressives in New York celebrated a tremendous victory when Democrat Darrel Aubertine took an open state senate seat in one of the most conservative Republican districts left in northern New York. After 7 disastrous years of George Bush and a rubber stamp Congress, Republicans are on the run-- and not just in New York. Remember convicted Republican toilet trawler Rep. Bob Allen (R-FL)? Right after Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig was arrested for soliciting sex from a young male policeman in a Minneapolis Airport men's room, Rep. Allen, who had written legislation against such activity, tried the same stunt. He was also arrested-- denied everything, of course-- and was then convicted and forced to resign from his House seat. Yesterday Republicans were confident their cookie-cutter candidate would hold the seat in the overwhelmingly red district. He didn't. At the same time upstate New Yorkers were voting in a Democrat in a district that hadn't elected one in over 40 years, Floridians were also expressing their contempt for what the GOP has come to symbolize. A flood of typically Republican negative campaign ads and all the regular smears-- over $250,000 worth-- failed to do any more for Campbell than it had done for Barclay in New York.
Tony Sasso and Florida Democrats scored an upset Tuesday, winning the special election for Bob Allen's Florida House seat in a heavily Republican district.

The former Cocoa Beach commissioner edged Republican Sean Campbell of Merritt Island, who spent more money and received significant financial backing from his party.

Sasso led by 412 votes with all but a dozen provisional ballots left to be counted, local elections officials said. He won with 48 percent of the vote to Campbell's 46 percent.

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At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in the area of northern NY mentioned in the article. You have no idea how we Dems are energized by Aubertine's win. Just a point of clarification though. This is the first time in 128 years that a Democrat has been elected to this particular state senate seat.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Charlie Crist sure sets off my gaydar.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Oh, and -- Go Dems!

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura Bush is in Washington raising money for Dave Reichert today. She's headlining an event where people are paying $500 to attend. (Honestly, you could buy up to 10 Seahawks tickets with that money.)

I just made a contribution of $15 to Darcy Burner on ActBlue. The people at "Burn Bush for Burner" are hoping for 250 donors, and as of right now, they're more than halfway there. You want to help out? All I'm asking for is up to $15. You don't have to give $500. Believe me, I know how much you want to attend Seahawks games.

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