Saturday, December 29, 2007

Coming soon to a large metropolitan op-ed page near you: the man who's proving you CAN TOO always be wrong


Bad news is bad news, right? You don't go shooting the messenger, right? And at the same time, if you happen not to know the bad news, that doesn't make it not so, right? You can always ignore it, or try, but in order to ignore it, you have to know what it is, don't you?

So, in case you hadn't heard, word coming out of a certain large, self-important metropolitan newspaper is that its latest op-ed coup, signing on as a weekly columnist starting, I don't know, sometime in 2008, is one of the dumbest, and surely one of the most obnoxious, persons on the planet . . .


I know that a number of online and other media types--including TV's Bill Moyers--have explored the question of the "price" paid by the media thugs and hitmen, pimps and whores who helped drive the U.S. over the cliff of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The answer, usually, is that not only did they pay no price, but they were in fact rewarded, often spectacularly, for their spectacular wrongness. (Many of those same investigators looked at the parallel case: the fate of media and other people who stuck their necks way out trying to avert the disaster. And in general, correspondingly, they have been punished.)

Bill Kristol's career seems to be about disproving the shop-worn canard that nobody can always be wrong. If anybody can do it, our Bill can.

Coming soon to a certain large, self-important metropolitan newspaper near you.

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Far right extremists like Kristol-- and Kristol in particular-- have attacked the credibility of the NY Times for years. Anything that deviates, even as occasionally as the Times does, from the official policy line of the regime, is not to be trusted. Now Kristol will be able to destroy their credibility from inside.--Howie

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At 4:54 PM, Blogger Vigilante said...

Since when does the New York Times thinks it needs to offer yet another flavor of Kool-Aide?


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