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Tom Delay (R-TX) still isn't in prison and is still allowed to run around and do the same things that law-abiding citizens do. And his latest endeavor is a grassroots action and advocacy organization which he started with a Republican almost as crooked as himself, defeated Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, the far right kook who is as responsible for Bush's 2004 coup as Katherine Harris was for the 2000 coup.

The 501(c)(4) he launched yesterday is called the Coalition for a Conservative Majority and Delay and Blackwell will seek to raise money from right-wing donors, something Delay was always really good at.
CCM plans to establish several local chapters in major media markets throughout the country (a meeting of the Houston chapter, in DeLay’s political backyard, is scheduled for Nov. 27). CCM particularly is targeting those media markets where left-of-center advocacy groups and 527s are operating.

Through these chapters and Blackwell’s personal outreach, CCM plans to “identify, recruit, train, inspire, activate and mobilize conservative activists to take specific action on policy issues and political causes” nationwide, according to an advance copy of the group’s brochure obtained by Roll Call.

Moving forward, DeLay will remain active in CCM, in particular as honorary finance chairman. DeLay has spent the past year building the foundation of the organization and preparing it for launch. Blackwell is serving as CCM’s chairman.

In addition to its physical presence and activity, which includes plans to make direct appeals to Members of Congress, CCM intends to have a strong Internet presence.

Chris Perkins is serving as CCM’s executive director and will be based in Washington, D.C., where he will oversee additional staff. Perkins formerly served as vice president of the now-defunct Free Enterprise Fund and previously worked at Americans for a Republican Majority, the political action committee DeLay ran when he served in the House.

I'm eager to see if the Blue America PAC and CCM ever go head to head in any battles. Our current project, holding Rahm Emanuel accountable for pushing Democrats to support Tom Tancredo's immigration position, would be a natural place but I have a feeling Delay's support for the reactionary immigration agenda Emanuel has embraced will not lead to him defending his old nemesis-- even if they are mirror images in so many ways. Meanwhile, here on the left is the Spanish language version of our newspaper ad in this week's Hoy. The English version is here. If you'd like to see Blue America continue fighting corrupt Beltway insiders like Tom Delay and Rahm Emanuel, please donate to The Accountability Moment at ActBlue.

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At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A PAC for Tom Delay just as soon as he waited out the new time constraint for former members. Is this s surprise. After all ole Tom did keep his residence in Washington DC and that established his residency requirement fo his PAC.

If Bush pardons Jack Abramoff then Abramoff will join Delays PAC.

Of course its possible that ole Tom might just join Abramoff as a cell mate to discuss family values and christianity.

A uote from Delays PAC "Poor Tom's a cold".


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