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When I was a teenager I worked in a print shop and joined an AFL-CIO-affiliated union. I was very proud to pay my dues and I made it my business to learn about the American union movement and how it has been the single biggest factor in the rise of a viable American middle class, a middle class under constant attack today not by Iranian mullahs or by Mexican immigrants, but by the callous, greed-driven policies of Big Business and their wholly owned subsidiary, the Republican Party (and their partially owned subsidiary, the Inside the Beltway wing of the Democratic Party).

One thing I learned from my time in the printers union was about solidarity and sticking together. A few weeks ago Democratic Party insiders under the aegis of the DCCC held a training session in Chicago for a couple dozen of their favored candidates. Afterwards several of the participants, disgusted, let Blue America know that Rahm Emanuel delivered an ominous message demanding that they "move to the right" on immigration. Some of the Democratic candidates, like Emanuel puppets Bill Foster (IL-14) and Joan Fitz-Gerald (CO-02), have already started sounding very Republican on the issue, breaking Democratic solidarity and threatening unity by seeking short term advantage based on demagoguery against a vulnerable part of our coalition.

Emanuel has teamed up with xenophobic bigot Tom Tancredo through his North Carolina tool Heath Shuler. And yet Emanuel's North Side Chicago district is one of the nation's most immigrant-friendly districts. It always has been. And Emanuel never tires of telling the immigrant communities that he is their best friend. They don't believe him because his actions-- and his inactions-- speak far louder than his words. Nearly 25% of Emanuel's district is of Hispanic descent and there are almost as many Polish-Americans in the district. More recently plenty of South Asians and Koreans have also been attracted to IL-05.

Starting tomorrow, Blue America is teaming up with Illinois' largest immigrants' rights coalition to help bring a little accountability into the life of Mr. Emanuel. The ad you see above is even now being translated into several languages and customized for various communities. Many people feel that if Congressman Emanuel is busy kissing babies in Chicago he won't be meddling with matters of national importance he knows nothing about and he won't be interfering in congressional races around the country on behalf of Blue Dogs, Bush Dogs and assorted reactionaries. If you agree, please give us a hand at The Accountability Moment. The more contributions that come in, the more ads like the one you see above will reach Congressman Emanuel's constituents.


J-Ro, who designed the newspaper ads, gives his perspective at the Seminal, making the connection between symptoms of the horrendous trade policies that have been the hallmark of Emanuel's entire career and his cheap anti-immigrant game-playing.

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At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about illegal immigration. I'm concerned that the issue can't even be discussed rationally because right-wingers are using xenophobia as an election tool.

OTOH, I don't see defending illegal immigration as a winning issue. Even most semi-liberals I know are opposed to it. "If they want to come here, let them do it legally and apply for residence", they say Seriously now, there isn't much of a counter argument to that sentiment.

I'm not saying that Dems should "move to the right" on the issue either - too much invitation to immigrant-bashing. I'm just not convinced that advocating tolerance of illegal - and it is illegal - immigration is going to do anyone any good.

At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can tell you one thing...

Rahm Emanuel has no business supporting Bill Foster. Foster isn't interested in immagrant rights.

I found this on myspace

Joe Serra is running AGAINST Foster, he's Hispanic and his grandparents were immagrants.

U.S. immigration policy is long overdue for reform. The current discussion around immigration reform comes at a time when the United States has more foreign-born residents that ever before. The nearly 36 million immigrants in the United States make up 12 percent of the U.S. population. Estimates show that roughly one-third of the immigrant population resides here with legal permanent residency, one-third is naturalized U.S. citizens and one-third are estimated to be here without legal status. This is probably one of America’s most difficult issues to address. No matter what is done, there will be a lot of disharmony associated with the actions or inactions of our Government.

As a member of Congress, I support the following:

• recognize the economic role and contribution of undocumented workers by implementing an earned
legalization program

• create an Impact Aid Program that would offset state and local expenditures related to the program

• create a New Americans Initiative—a program to support state-level public-private partnership that WILL help all immigrants integrate into American society in a systematic, coordinated, and effective way, through local government and nonprofit programs.

• Allow in professionals as legal immigrants, but seal border.

• Allow Path to citizenship if illegal Immigrant admit guilt & pay fine.

• Do a better job patrolling the Canadian and Mexican borders.

It is not a perfect solution - there is no perfect solution, but it certainly is has a lot of merrit.

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best way Dems can handle this is simply to insist that a bipartisan Immigration Accountability Commission be formed that includes small business owners, labor groups, legal Latino-American immigrants and property owners near the borders of Canada and Mexico.

Nobody needs to move left or right. Simply acknowledge that that a problem needs addressing and the best way is to simply move forward.

At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow: A Democrat that takes a responsible view toward the Breaking and Entering CROWD. I think this guy has got it right.Oklahoma has got it right.Randy Merrile for President.Heath Schuller is right on about the ILLEGAL.Why would anybody want to cave in to Lawbreakers who are self centered for themselves and NOT AMERICA? Keep up the GOOD WORK EMANUEL!


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