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"That's an excellent question"

I just got back from the barber, where I had my head shaved. They had Fox News on. I had never seen it before. I was apoplectic. I mean I've read over and over and over about how biased they are, but... I had no idea they've sunken to these depths of unvarnished Republican propaganda. I was amazed how skewered a vision of reality someone must get from watching this garbage. I asked the barber if he's a Republican or a right-winger. He said "No, not at all." I asked him why he was watching the Republican Party propaganda network and he said he just wanted to hear the news. I explained how they distort the news rather than report it and he switched over to CNN (which was in the midst of one of their exciting cookie recipe reports).

While I watched Fox they went from lurid celebrity-oriented trash to lies and distortions about politics-- just back and forth, back and forth. And do they hate Hillary! One psychopath after another was on there bashing her and bashing her. It's funny that McCain's campaign manager, Rick Davis, went into hysteria today and referred to CNN as "the Clinton News Network" because of their reporting on the McCain's Bitch Incident. No doubt Davis, who is demanding an apology from CNN for straight, albeit dull, reporting, would have preferred the way Fox handled the story. They got two right-wing propagandists on-- disguised as journalists-- and had each one of them talk about how Hillary is a bitch. Now that's entertainment. (An earlier Fox report completely and gratuitously eliminated the part where McCain calls it "an excellent question.") As part of this investigative journalism the Fox talking head went on and on about how even so left wing a journal as the New Republic "admits" Hillary treats the press badly (i.e.- is a bitch). The part where he kept referring to the New Republic as "left wing" is what finally got me to complain to the barber.

For the record, the New Republic was left wing when it was founded-- during World War I! Even in the 60's I remember it as a progressive publication. But that was when Joe Lieberman was a progressive politician. The New Republic changed right along with Holy Joe and can now be described as a neo-Con rag and a mouthpiece for the DLC. By 1990 it was already swinging right, with a demented gay Republican hired on as editor taking it right into the toilet-- racist, viciously anti-Clinton, and generally with no serious following except from the absolute worst of the reactionary American Likudists. A magazine that could once boast regular legendary contributors with the greatest minds of their day-- men and women like Henry Wallace (an editor), George Orwell, Virginia Wolff, John Dewey, W.E.B. DuBois, Hannah Arendt, Philip Roth, and Reinhold Niebuhr descended into a rightist pigsty reduced to publishing worthless tripe by hacks like Fred Barnes, Irving Kristol, war criminal Michael Ledeen, Edward Luttwak, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Peter Beinart, Robert Kagen, and Charles Krauthammer, basically the collective intellectual "muscle" behind Bush's catastrophic foreign policy. Real left-wing!


Did you ever notice how demented the right-wing family values shriekers are? The louder they scream about other people's values, the more likely they'll be trawling in public restrooms or molesting children or harassing employees with loofahs and falafels. They are a mess! But don't watch the video if you are easily offended by Fox-style soft core porn.

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At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you've never visited Newshounds then have you. Great site, and the slogan says it all ... "We watch Fox News so that you don't have to."

At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have started a new political party called the Liberal Democratic Party of the United States. You can read the web page at and you will find that this party works differently from other political parties. Take a look and help enact progressive legislation and end the war where you work as a legislator and you vote on legislation.

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tragically, the barber is like all my American relatives, thinks the rightwing propaganda is just news. And there you have a simple explanation of why Democrats in Congress are running so scared; everything they say or do can be effectively smeared against them.

I wish there was a way that Rupert Murdoch could be held accountable for all the terrible damage he has done -and keeps doing- to this country.


At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leroy: With Kevin Martin, chairman of the FCC, set to grant corporations and big-box media outlets even more consolidation rights, we can kiss any idea of media diversity bye-bye.
RIP democracy in 'Murica.

p.s. Congress may have a chance to do something about this, but I ain't counting on them.


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