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Matthew Grimm has recorded an incredible song called "One Big Union," currently in demo form. He and his band, Red Smear, are back in Iowa working on the final version and Blue America will be rolling it out in the next week or so. We have some plans for the song we think you will like-- unless you're a Republican. We first met Matthew in July of 2006 when he came by a Bruce Braley live blog session at FDL and offered his band's services. "One Big Union," as you can hear at the link above, was worth waiting for.

Meanwhile, Matthew's girlfriend, Stephanie, is, predictably, on the same page. She's in Los Angeles working at a bar call the Irish Times very close to a couple of crucial picketlines. And this weekend she's declared it WGA WEEKEND during her shifts.

Here's Stephanie's announcement:
In support of the WGA members, a lone Midwestern bartender from a long line of proud union members, has unofficially declared it . . .


Need a break from the picket line? Have a taste for a frosty cool reminder that we're WITH YOU, in the spirit of unions everywhere looking out for the best interest of ALL OF US? Come down to the IRISH TIMES at the interesection of Motor and National, and get a FREE DOMESTIC BOTTLE when you flash your WGA MEMBERSHIP CARD.

BUT ONLY DURING MY SHIFTS. It's not my bar so I kinda can only get away with this when I'm working, so take special note of my shift-schedule:

FRIDAY NOV 16th from 9pm -2 am
SATURDAY NOV 17th from 12- 7pm

Bring along your WGA friends, ask for Steph, show me your union card and enjoy some solidarity out of the hot sun.

Meantime, don't forget to SIGN THE PETITION:

And when you're done, go visit this awesome band, listen and download the first track, the brand new "One Big Union," for absolutely free.

That's Steph at the IRISH TIMES, Motor and National, CONVENIENT TO the FOX and SONY picket lines.

Solidarity now. Solidarity Forever. Free beer on the 16th, 17th and 18th!

And you might enjoy watching the little video clip make clear what the mass media doesn't seem interested in explaining-- the corporate America will always, always, always screw the workers-- i.e., the rest of us-- if they can get away with it:

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At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this great information and support!

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It contains all the addresses of the CEOs who REALLY call the shots, has a sample letter and breaks down WHICH CEO is responsible for almost every show, so you can make the letters specific to your favorite shows.

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