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Let me lay it right on the line. A couple of months ago when Bush flew to Seattle to do a fundraiser for rubber stamp hack Dave Reichert, the blogosphere dug deep and helped Darcy Burner outraise Bush and Reichert. How different is it for another creature from Inside the Beltway, Madam Off the Table, to be headlining a fundraiser for one of the most treacherous and sleazy Democrats in Congress, Al Wynn? Wynn has no Republican challenge. Pelosi is shameless-- and quickly losing all credibility. She is there to make sure Wynn can beat a brilliant, energetic and progressive real Democrat, Donna Edwards. If Donna Edwards were in Congress instead of Al Wynn, Maryland would have one of the nation's sharpest public policy minds at work for it. And America would have someone who understands what a progressive is and understands that the role of government is not just self-enrichment for officials.

Democrats like Donna Edwards, Mark Pera, and John Laesch are all in primary battles against reactionary hacks. They are battling the Insider socialization and the Democratic Establishment mindset that worked hand in glove to present our country with, and perpetuate, the foul Regime of George W. Bush. At best, Madam Off the Table has turned from a true blue progressive to a George Bush co-dependent. At worst she is a full-fledged collaborator.

George Bush will finally be gone in January of 2009, in all likelihood replaced by Hillary Clinton who will have to be a lot more progressive-- and a lot less a part of establishment insider corruption-- than her husband ever was to even begin to tackle the real mess being left by 8 years of the toxic Bush Regime. I have my doubts that she will measure up to the job; I hope I'm wrong. And that makes it even more essential to elect men and women like Donna Edwards, Mark Pera and John Laesch. Imagine being rid of the likes of Bush Dogs Al Wynn and Dan Lipinski, not to mention ultimate rubber stamp Denny Hastert-- 3 of the root causes of all that is wrong in Washington-- and replacing them with the best and the brightest!

We have seen this year that it is not good enough to just replace horrible Republicans with mediocre-- or worse than mediocre-- Democrats. There is probably little we can do, at least right now, to rid ourselves of Republican-lite garbage like John Barrow and Jim Marshall in Georgia, Gene Taylor in Mississippi or Chris Carney and Jason Altmire in Pennsylvania-- let alone Steny Hoyer or Rahm Emanuel. But Al Wynn and Dan Lipinski are weak and faltering and Donna Edwards and Mark Pera are strong and ascending. Simultaneously, the insider millionaire shill in IL-14, Blue Dog Bill Foster, is a laughing stock everywhere west of DCCC headquarters (not counting those whose fealty he has purchased) and John Laesch is poised to stomp his Blue Dog ass into the ground. Laesch is a natural and energetic leader for serious progressives who understands there is a real job to do in this country.

Saturday Nancy Pelosi Madam Off the Table will be in Silver Spring to help a reactionary and corrupt tool of the Bush Regime raise money to fight a strong and vibrant progressive voice. Pelosi knows no shame. She is owned by Hoyer and Emanuel and the Clinton Machine. She is them and not us. Let's give some special help over the next few days to Donna Edwards' campaign. Matt Stoller put together a special Act Blue page, Better Democrats that I want to invite you to visit. Matt also has a powerful explanation of what we're trying to accomplish over at OpenLeft, as does Jane at FDL. Donna's campaign put together a special Halloween video for today I thought you might enjoy:

And let me leave you with a statement from James Rucker of Color of Change:
"Black Americans have long relied on Black elected officials like Al Wynn to represent their interests in Washington, and far too often, they find those leaders unaccountable and compromised. Al Wynn has repeatedly worked against the interests of his Black constituents, siding instead with big business and the wealthy special interests that fund his campaigns.

Today, we're saying enough is enough. Donna Edwards, Wynn's opponent in the Democratic primary, has been a powerful advocate for policies that benefit the Black community, especially low-income Black folks. She has an excellent record of public service, and we are confident that once in office she will serve her constituents with integrity and accountability.

While Nancy Pelosi holds a fundraiser this weekend in support of one of the least accountable members of the Congressional Black Caucus, we're asking Black folks to stand up, demand better representation, and support Donna Edwards for Congress."

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At 2:01 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

Pelosi is an absolute DISGRACE. A totally shameless cheerleader for corruption in BOTH parties. She supports Bush by not pursuing impeachment. She supports a sleazeball like Wynn by raising funds for him. She might as well switch parties. It's time for her to leave office and give real Americans a break. Do the patriotic thing Nancy. Resign.

At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi exhibits all the characteristics of a coward. Paramount among these are the fear of doing the right thing. Her cowardice is also a function of her fear that if she puts impeachment on the table, the Bilderberg Group (about 300 U.S. and foreign families) who control America's Central bank (The Federal Reserve System and therefore, the economy,) will force her husband to immediately pay all financial liabilities, which would bankrupt her family.

If she goes public about this blackmail, she could face very serious consequences.

Her support for Wynn is directed by the banking/financial interest groups in Maryland who are integral to the Bilderberg operation in assuring the gradual elimination of consumer rights to sue financial institutions for malfesence and misfeasance in supporting the mortgage rape of low/middle income home buyers over the past four years.

She will continue to embarrass middle class Marylanders, and Democrats nationally. I hope her constituents are as upset with her as we are here on the East Coast.

Since she is a coward and by definition a bully, it is not surprising that she is afraid to meet with Democrats opposed to her positions on most of the major issues.

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donna Edwards lives right here in the Oxon Hill area and I have seen her at several local community meetings regarding the Harbor and Bridge. The Al Wynn ads against her on the radio are very misleading. She did not oppose the National Harbor but what she did do was hold the developers accountable for the entire community and made them promise to develop more of the downtown Oxon Hill area including strip malls like Rivertowne and some of the deteriorating strip malls we are surrounded by that mainly house liquor stores and carryouts. She is the one who fought to make sure that the developer didnt just create a gated community haven for the rich at the Harbor and ignore the rest of the surrounding local neighborhoods. She fought to make Milt Peterson give grants that can be used by the local community organizations. I am once again voting for Donna Edwards and I know the truth behind the negative campaign ads Wynn is trying to use to say she was anti-National Harbor which is one of the best things that has happened to my community and she made sure it will be the best thing for ALL citizens.

D. Williams, Esq.
Resident of Oxon Hill


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