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Apropos of the fake problem the Post discusses about fake moderates in the GOP, there is a solution: a fake amendment to replace the Webb Amendment (which is, of course, far too real for the Post's fake moderates). The clowns inside the Beltway-- even some on the Democratic side of the aisle-- seem to keep buying, after all these years, the Bush Regime propaganda spin. The American people... not so much anymore.

After switching votes and opposing the Webb Amendment-- which he already voted or once-- and thereby guaranteeing it's failure, one of the fake moderates, John Warner, teamed up with one of the Senate's craziest war fanatics, John McCain (who apparently took a few hours off his 24/7 pointless fundraising jag to do his bit for endless war) to undermine Webb's legislation by "compromising." The compromise will be a gentle suggestion to... George Bush, who probably peed in his pants laughing when Cheney explained it to him. This is another of Warner's kooky nonbinding "sense of Congress" resolutions that does nothing. Zero-- except for derailing efforts to end the war.

The Love the War/Hate the Troops coalition is in its death struggle. Webb's amendment is overwhelmingly supported by active duty military men and their families. That could spell the end of the line for coalition members like Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and John Sununu (R-NH) where the voters they will be facing next year tend to love the troops and hate the war.

Earlier today, Republican obstructionists led by Mitch McConnell had already killed a bill that the majority of senators backed to restore habeas corpus. The backers of both parties failed to shut down McConnell's filibuster 56-43 (4 short of the required 60 votes). All 50 Democrats plus 6 Republicans voted to restore habeas corpus. Lieberman plus 42 Republicans voted again it (with Saxby Chamberpot too frightened to come out from under his desk and vote at all). Oh, and just for the record, fake GOP moderates like Norm Coleman, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander stuck with their far right extremist buddies on this. Russ Feingold and Chris Dodd both explained their disappointment to their constituents and made the point of why this is so important. Russ:
"It is deeply disappointing that a minority of the Senate once again blocked efforts to restore the writ of Habeas Corpus. The Military Commissions Act, which Congress passed last year, contradicted the fundamental principle that in America, the government does not have the power to detain people indefinitely and arbitrarily. We can and should bring terrorists to justice but we can do it without sacrificing the values upon which our nation was built."

"America's moral standing, and with it the security of the United States, suffered another setback today, atop a pile of setbacks that has accumulated over the past six years. The outcome of this vote is both symbolic and tragic. Each of us in the Senate faced a decision either to cast a vote in favor of helping to restore America's reputation in the world, or to help dig deeper the hole of utter disrespect for the rule of law that the Bush Administration has created. Unfortunately, too many of my colleagues chose the latter, and my disappointment runs deep. But I will not rest my case with this vote. Instead, this defeat will only deepen my resolve to restore the rule of law and with it American security, for far too much is at stake-- for every American-- to simply give up the fight."

You don't find many posts here quoting the NY Times' stupidest and most dishonest columnist, David Brooks-- except to make an example of a moron writing propaganda for the extremists. But in today's column Brooks discusses Defense Secretary Robert Gates' assertion that he doesn't know if invading Iraq was a good idea or not. (Last week Bush's pet general said he doesn't know if fighting there is making us any safer or not. But Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in Congress want to stay there forever anyway. That's why they all need to be defeated. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

If you'd like to help, let me suggest dropping by our Blue America page and dropping whatever you feel like into the campaigns to replace Susan Collins with Tom Allen (ME), Charlie Dent with Sam Bennett (PA-15), Dave Reichert with Darcy Burner (WA-08), Chris Shays with Jim Himes (CT-04), Randy Kuhl with Eric Massa (NY-29), Dan Lipinski with Mark Pera (IL), Tom Reynolds with Jon Powers (NY-26), James Walsh with Dan Maffei (NY-25), Mike Pence with Barry Welsh (IN-06), Mean Jean Schmidt with Victoria Wulsin (OH-02), and, here in California David Dreier with Russ Warner and Gary Miller with Ron Shepston.


The vote to shut off the threat of a Republican filibuster-- cloture-- needs 60 to pass. It got 56 votes. Last time the Webb Amendment came up it was also filibustered to death by McConnell, Lieberman and the GOP and the cloture vote was 56-41. The differences this time were that Tim Johnson (D-SD) is out of the hospital and he voted with the rest of the Democrats, making up for desertion by flip-flopper John Warner (R-VA). Last time Brownback was out on his pointless campaign so he didn't bother to vote-- I guess Kansas doesn't have sons and daughters dying in Iraq, so it doesn't matter there-- and this time he voted with the GOP, as did Vitter, who was chasing whores or finding new diapers or whatever he does when he isn't in the Senate voting the fascist party line.

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At 12:58 PM, Blogger woid said...


If only there really WERE filibusters.

Back in February, when we were going through this cloture charade on a different issue, you posted something from me about this.

Harry Reid and the Democrats have once again let themselves be made to look like idiots. (Unless they really ARE idiots...)

Back when the Replicants ruled Congress, they threatened the "nuclear option" -- or was it the "nukular option"? -- and cowed the Democrats into submission, rather than filibustering against the regime's bills.

Now that our side is in charge, they're continuing to let the Replicants make the rules. How many votes does it take to pass a bill in the Senate? Ah, trick question. Used to be 51. Somehow, it's now become 60 -- the number of votes needed to force cloture, preventing a filibuster.

Except that there IS no filibuster.

The Democrats can almost never round up the 60 votes needed. And then the bill in question just dies, leaving us with horrible headlines like the ones we're seeing today, along the lines of "Senate refuses to restore habeas corpus."

But it's not the Senate. It's the obstructionist Replicants (including Holy Joe Lieberman). And yet, the public sees the news, and blames the party that's supposed to be in charge.

I still don't get it. Why do the Democrats continue to be so polite to the other side? Why let them get away with a simple cloture vote, and then slink off in defeat, over and over again?


Make them get up and defend their indefensible positions against habeas corpus, against supporting the troops, against ending the war, against everything the public overwhelmingly wants.

Though it feels like just one more exercise in futility, this morning I called Harry Reid's office (202-224-3542) and asked the very nice staffer to pass on my sentiments about this. And I wrote to my Senators, Boxer and Feinstein, with the same thoughts. Maybe -- MAYBE -- if enough calls and messages come in to our "representatives" in Congress, they'll really start to represent, as the hip-hoppers say.

Wouldn't it be sweet to see the Replicants standing up there with their water bottles and their diapers (at least one of them already has some on hand) and their sleep-deprived eyes, gasbagging on about the indefensible?



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