Sunday, September 30, 2007



photo by Mark Cuff

John Amato (C&L), one of the other Blue America bloggers, and I are off now to meet with John Hall(NY-19), one of the victorious candidates we endorsed in 2006. John has been an exemplary congressman, sticking to his guns on the tough issues. His voting record is excellent when it comes to sticking with progressive values and principles, especially for someone in a Republican-leaning district with a tough re-election race. I guess he wants to explain to us why he voted against the MoveOn ad, which pissed us both off. And he probably also wants to explain his plan to prohibit the Bush Regime from sending any more mercenaries into Iraq, which sounds like a good idea to me. I'll report back in a couple hours.

While I'm away, enjoy the Jackson Browne music-- I'll explain that when I get back too-- and please donate to our candidates on Blue America before the end of quarter tonight. I'm matching whatever anyone puts in for the candidates who are facing primaries.

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