Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Last night TRex helped expose Kentucky's closeted gay senator, Mitch McConnell for what he is-- a brittle, uptight authoritarian who resorts to vigilantism when confronted by constituents angered by his rubber stamp support of Bush's occupation of Iraq. And Miss McConnell isn't the only panic-stricken Republican incumbent calling the Hells Angels to strong arm disgruntled, peaceful voters. DWT Mean Jean Watch correspondent, Karen Allen, is worried about a "Reich-wing trend" taking over the GOP. Here's Karen's report on the latest from Mean Jean World:

In the southwest Ohio congressional district represented by Mean Jean Schmidt, leaders of the Iraq Summer group sponsored a 24-hour "Support Our Troops, End the War" vigil outside of her suburban local office from Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.  The many protesters ranged from committed high school students all the way to senior citizens.  They had signs, candles... a guitar.  Someone even ordered pizza to be delivered to the friendly and decidedly peaceful group.  As cars drove by,  drivers honked their horns, smiled and gave the "thumbs-up" symbol to the protesters. A poll of district residents showed that 70% favor a responsible and speedy withdrawal from Iraq (unlike their congresswoman, who is the quintessential Bush-Cheney rubber stamp and is a knee-jerk supporter of "Stay the Course.")
A panicked Schmidt sent out emergency phone calls to her goon squad buddies in her hometown in Clermont County.  Before long, a few motorcycles flying large flags probably "borrowed" from schools began arriving at the protest site. The drivers sported baseball caps, large overhanging beer bellies, dirty hair and several missing teeth.  They milled about across the driveway from the peaceful protesters, shouting insults and doubting that the protesters were "true Americans".
A resourceful attendee drove across the street to a party supply store and bought numerous American flags and distributed them to the protesters to carry.  Goon squad Hell's Angels types have no monopoly on American flags, and it took away some on their panache.  Eventually, Jean Schmidt's chauffeured SUV pulled into the driveway.  Without getting out, Schmidt thanked her outnumbered goons for their support.  She said nothing to the anti-war constituents on the other side of the driveway.
What a democracy lesson for the high school students to observe!  Trust Mean Jean to foul up anything and everything.

Last year of all the outstanding progressive Democrats endorsed by Blue America who ran for the House, Victoria Wulsin, was our top pick. We raised more money for her than for anyone else running for a House seat. And she came within a handful of votes of dislodging Schmidt. This year we've endorsed Victoria early and donations have already been flowing in. There is no clearer choice-- not just on Iraq, but across the board-- on how to govern America than between Victoria Wulsin and Mean Jean Schmidt. And I can guarantee you that it would never cross Dr. Wulsin's mind to call out a goon squad on her constituents. Please think about contributing to Victoria's campaign here at our Blue America page.

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At 12:18 PM, Blogger Phil said...

That bitch needs to go.

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians enlisting biker gangs as brownshirts? Reminds me of Greg Stillson, the fascist demagogue portrayed by Martin Sheen in The Dead Zone.

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