Friday, August 31, 2007



Four of the more odious right wing Republican closet cases: Roy Cohn, Mark Foley, Jim West and Ed Schrock

I wanted Larry Craig to turn his nightmare of closetry, homophobic hypocrisy and betrayal into a story of human redemption. But he never called me back. Instead, all sources say he's resigning today tomorrow. We'll update you as soon as he announces he isn't gay, hasn't done anything wrong and is stepping down to spend more time with his family. Meanwhile, you might spend some time considering Joe Conason's excellent piece about crippling Republican homophobia in today's Salon.

The RNC has let Craig know that either he resigns or they will publicly demand that he do so. John Ensign, Craig's right-wing colleague from Nevada, and the head of the RSCC, joined the other Republican senators howling for Craig to get his gay ass out of their caucus. Craig senses a witch hunt but he's blaming the media and, even now, refusing to see that the witch hunt is an outgrowth of extreme right-wing politics and vicious, demented homophobia that encourages entrapment and targeting of gay men and women.

Larry Craig should have spent the last few days reading ex-Congressman Robert Bauman's book, The Gentleman From Maryland-- the Conscience of a Gay Conservative. His salvation, as a human being, would be to stand up and face his homosexuality and embrace it, apologize for his insane right-wing behavior and move on-- being a decent senator for the next year and a half. That, alas, is not what is about to unfold.

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