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Larry Craig, right, Idaho Senator and cottage fixture

One of the Republican Party propaganda sites, written by a far right extremist Hugh Hewitt, is baying for Larry Craig's blood-- and he is hardly the only one. The far right of the GOP is fuming that another of their heroes was caught with the meat in his mouth, metaphorically speaking (I think... It appears the police officer arrested Senator Craig before anything got inserted anywhere.) It's amazing how angry these Republicans get about the homosexuality part and how they don't notice the irony of the gross hypocrisy that had taken over their party. Hewitt doesn't connect his demand for Craig's resignation with the fact that his radio show yesterday featured another notorious Republican closet queen, David Dreier (CA). "I realize," writes Hewitt, "that I did not say this about Senator Vitter, but Craig's behavior is so reckless and repulsive that an immediate exit is required." And Hewitt went on to call Craig a liar, referring to his disingenuous attempt to claim he plead guilty by accident.
I don't believe him. Read the statement by the arresting officer. He must think the people of Idaho are idiots.

But even if I did believe him, this would make his judgment too flawed to be in the United States Senate in a time of war. He has to go.

Something tells me Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, another hypocritical closet case, will be less than sympathetic to the right wing bloggers' demands that Craig resign. Many progressive and gay bloggers are more sympathetic to how difficult it is for homosexuals to find themselves stuck in a homophobic political party and how that twists them and destroys their very souls. "Larry Craig should stand up and be honest with the citizens of Idaho about who he is," said Mike Rogers, the country's top gay activist blogger. "Tonight is a historic opportunity for Senator Craig to run for re-election as a proud gay American. What a great turning point for one of the most conservative states in the country to be represented by an openly gay Senator."

The rest of the right-wing blogosphere has come down on Hewitt's side, not Mike's. I know no one takes him seriously but crazy wingnut Mark Steyn wrote at the National Review that Craig's got to go, as did Patrick Ruffini, Robert Bluey and tons of knuckle-dragging Freepers. Thank goodness my pal Pam did all the research and I didn't have to wade through that swamp.

I'm getting to the point where I just don't care about that-my rage at the betrayals overshadows all. Haggard, Foley, this kook. It seems that NO one speaks for us and acts for us.

It will be interesting being that he is a Repub if he will get millions for a book deal, a one hour show on Oprah, and multiple favorable reviews in the New York Times like Gov. Jim McSleezy who put the security of the entire state of New Jersey at risk.

OK, here is my latest conspiracy theory... enjoy! Homosexuals are deliberately infiltrating the GOP so they can say either (1) See, we're gay and we're Republicans, too! or (2) They can claim to be anti-homosexual agenda politicians, and then when they are caught, it makes the GOP look like the party of hypocrites. Either way it advances the homosexual agenda.

Scumbags like this absolutely disgust me. I have no particular problem with him being a degenerate (as long as he does so on his own time) but he has no business serving in a public office, and especially not as a Republican. Thanks for the 'gift that keeps on giving' Larry!

Yes, another case of Conservative Hypocrisy for the lefties to crow about. What's the equivalent on their side? Al Gore wanting to force everybody else to ride a bike while he flies private jets, etc. John Edwards bemoaning poverty while padding his expense accounts. The difference is that Craig is finished in public life, and Gore will continue to get Oscars and big speaking fees and Edwards will continue to run for President and rate respectful ass-kissing from the MSM. It's the double standard.

Foley left congress and Craig won't be far behind. His support for amnesty was enough for me to want him gone. This gay bathroom crap will end his career. Good riddance to an amnesty supporter

Larry Craig is toast. I certainly would not want to represented by a Senator who drops his pants in public. There is something seriously wrong with him - he needs help. But not on the taxpayer's dime.

I thought Republicans were Anti-Gay? Am I missing something here? The GOP apparently has Gays in High Places. And the Main Stream media rather than saying, The Republicans are not the narrow minded Cretins we make them out to be. Instead say another "Fag Republican" was caught. What gives? The Demorats love Gays until they are members of the GOP. Then they are dirty scoundrels? Two faced liars and hypocrits. That's what the Demorats are today. They hurl the Gay Insult when a GOP member is outed. If they out themselves as Demorats they are courageous. Otherwise they are Sexual Deviants.

The GOP needs to clean it's house of perverts and sodomites.

I agree. This looks very bad, indeed. He can use all the excuses that he wants, but I doubt that he will convince many that he was "innocent." I hope that he does the right thing for the GOP and decides not to run again for the senate. He is political toast. Unlike the Dems, Republicans care about sexual ethics.

Craig is not stupid. Expeditious? Expeditious?? The only thing he expedited was his eminent exit from the senate. And the self destruction of the republican reelection effort. These are the long knives. The Republicans need to pull out the long knives and do some exposes' on some of the democrats' sordid misbehavior.

I think this is another Democrat setup. Anyone who says anything against gays nowadays is persecuted.

That there are the authentic voices of the right. No wonder Romney scrubbed his website clean of any mention of Craig, fired him as his U.S. Senate coordinator and forced YouTube to take down the video love letter he had posted from Craig to himself (which you can see, much to Flip Flop Mitt's chagrin, at MyDD).

Being a Republican, Bush and Gonzales think Abu Gonzo didn't do anything wrong and was treated unfairly. Republicans believe in personal reponsibility and accountability-- for everyone but themselves. And, of course, Larry Craig is no exception. Soon he'll find Jesus, blame alcoholism and drugs and a nasty priest and Bill Clinton, but right now he's still denying everything (and claims he shoudn't have plead guilty). Today's NY Times reports on Craig's sordid story so clinically that it sounds even more perverted than the salacious stories that came out yesterday.
Senator Larry E. Craig, Republican of Idaho, was arrested in June by an undercover police officer in a men’s bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in the case three weeks ago.

Mr. Craig, 62, was fined more than $500 and placed on unsupervised probation for a year. A 10-day jail sentence was suspended, according to a copy of a court document in the case. A second charge, interference with privacy, was dismissed.

According to a police report obtained by the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, which disclosed the episode and the guilty plea Monday, a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of sexual activity in the bathroom arrested the senator on June 11 after what the officer described as sexual advances made by Mr. Craig from an adjoining stall.

By Roll Call’s account, the officer said Mr. Craig had tapped his foot, in what the officer called a known signal to engage in lewd conduct, and had also brushed his foot against the investigator’s and waved his hand under the stall divider several times before the officer showed him his badge. After the arrest the senator denied any sexual intent, and in a statement issued Monday afternoon he attributed the matter to a misunderstanding.

“At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions,” Mr. Craig said in the statement. “I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct.

Local coverage bodes ill for Craig's continued participation in public. Everyone in Idaho now knows their senior senator was arrested in a men's room, charged with disorderly conduct, pleaded guilty and was fined and got a suspended jail term. They are also aware that Flip Flop Mitt isn't exactly a stand by your man man. Forget the fact that he kicked Craig off his campaign; he also cancelled his son Josh's visit to Boise! Most damaging, however, is that the big local paper, the Statesman is reporting this as one incident in a series that has come to light and always been denied by Craig. He's always getting caught in public restrooms with men and he always denies it's what it looks like.
In an interview on May 14, Craig told the Idaho Statesman he'd never engaged in sex with a man or solicited sex with a man. The Craig interview was the culmination of a Statesman investigation that began after a blogger accused Craig of homosexual sex in October. Over five months, the Statesman examined rumors about Craig dating to his college days and his 1982 pre-emptive denial that he had sex with underage congressional pages.

The most serious finding by the Statesman was the report by a professional man with close ties to Republican officials. The 40-year-old man reported having oral sex with Craig at Washington's Union Station, probably in 2004. The Statesman also spoke with a man who said Craig made a sexual advance toward him at the University of Idaho in 1967 and a man who said Craig "cruised" him for sex in 1994 at the REI store in Boise. The Statesman also explored dozens of allegations that proved untrue, unclear or unverifiable.

"Unclear or unverifiable" are very different from untrue. This story in the Statesman is the death knell of Larry Craig's long right-wing political career, far more than what a gaggle of extremist bloggers like Hugh Hewitt are saying.

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At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note the implication of Hewitt's comment -- that Craig's judgment might be good enough to be a Republican U.S. Senator if we weren't at war. ;-)

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Hackwhackers said...

Crazy Pam, referring to Lewd Larry Craig: "There's something seriously wrong with him."

An expert opinion.

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a zipper malfunction. He was signaling to the cop in the next stall that he needed help putting Li'l Larry back in his boxers. The whole thing, all of it, every last inch of it, has gotten blown out of proportion. Or, maybe he can blame it on his staff. His engorged staff. BWAHAHAHAHA... santimonious Republican prick... AHAHAHAHAHA.

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the Mark Foley scandal was, if memory serves, that it was the GAY Republican Staffers who were trying to get someone to actually DO SOMETHING about him simply because they knew it was terribly wrong. It was the heterosexual Republican big bugs who kept sweeping it under the rug until it got too big to be ignored.

We obviously need more Gays in government, not less.

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mind is still stuck on the brushing against the officer's foot from the other stall -- what can be misconstrued about that?

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Darren said...

One of my gay friends told me that when gay men want to have some sex, they go to their partners, like us married guys do. Single gay men go to a bar, like straight guys, and some married men do.
Only closeted gay men who are ashamed of who they are go to a public restroom. My guess is because they feel like their behavior is just as dirty as that stall.

At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No week after week of more tidbits and nuggets of this public sex story, and that public sex story from a closeted and self-loathing politician. The public is in no mood for restroom sex from members of the Senate while a war rages in the Middle East. The GOP is nervous and they will throw anyone they need to out of the boat in order to present the best image they can for 2008.

I suspect we are talking days…..not weeks.


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