Friday, August 31, 2007



Genuine warmth between the future and the past in Virginia politics

Unlike Larry Craig, John Warner is not a backbencher. He's a major Senate player. He just announced, as expected, that he won't be running for re-election in 2008. He's given up on being able to impact the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan. He realizes he's too old (80) to do the kind of job he'd like to be able to continue to do.

The announcement is a surprise to no one.
"I will conclude my service to Virginia as a senator when I complete this, my fifth term, on January 6, 2009," Warner said. The former Navy Secretary and past chairman of the Armed Services Committee said he wrestled with the decision, which he came to "in the last day or two."

His decision to not run will probably precipitate a major party change, if not a name change, for that seat. Wildly popular ex-Governor Mark Warner (D), who had long said he had too much affection and respect for John Warner to run against him, will now declare and probably win the senate seat. He is likely to be challenged by conservative Congressman Tom Davis (VA-11), although it is likely that a far right extremist like Eric Cantor or that Gilmore kook will also consider running. If Davis gets the GOP nod, there is every chance in the world that his moderate blue-trending district will elect a Democrat, perhaps Andrew Hurst who held Davis to a 55% win last year. (Bush barely took 50% of the district's vote in 2004 and was won by Democrats Jim Webb and Tim Kaine since then.)

Tony Snow, Bush's latest mouthpiece, is also retiring. And Larry Craig needs to either do it or get off the pot. Sources say it could be within minutes this weekend.

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At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's too bad the other people that have served in the Senate as long as Mr Warner has, doesnt follow him out the door. I wouldnt miss him, Mr Kennedy, Mr Biden or anyone else like them that have done nothing while serving their post but make headlines and decisions that effected us as Americans in a negative way. Im glad all the other policitians like Sen Hilliary Clinton, are jumping on the band wagon saying how great this person was but I cant find anything that he accomplished in a positive way while he served. Yes, he did some things for his State that maybe might be mentioning a few things if anyone can think about it and figure out what it was that he did. Maybe I can figure a few things like letting Mr Bush talk Mr Warner and the other Senators into going to war in Iraq, high inflations, high cost of living, minimum wage not kept up with inflation, richer businesses, poorer Americans, higer gas, rent, groceries, college fees, utilities prices. And the best one is, more younger people staying with their parents after they should already be on their own making a living for themselves, but can't, because of the high price of everything and the cheap wages American businesses are paying. Every year since Senator Warner has been in the Congress, everything has gone up but the minimum wage. Now, while the Americans are suffering and more are homeless, Mr Warner will be able to live comfortable with the nice pension they all voted for themselves on behalf of all Americans wallets, while the American people are having to working longer, to fund the bill for them all, since they are taking well over 35% from us on taxes each pay period. And when you want to try and save a few bucks that's taxed also on the interest you make while trying to save. Get a state refund and guess what, file long form on your taxes and that has to be included as a gain as well, which gives you a smaller income tax check return. Wow! We should all be thankful for our Senators and Congressman. They do such good work behind the scenes like Senator Craig. More than likely he will get a pension, too. Great work Mr Warner. Hope you enjoy the Taxpayers money that they worked so hard for, because you sure didnt.

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