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Jamie Eldridge: Beastie Boys, Neil Young and the toughest issues

Jamie Eldridge is a big guy-- 6'5" who still loves a pickup game of basketball and used to play center for Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. Right now he's in the middle of a tough primary fight in northeastern Massachusetts' 5th congressional district. The incumbent, Marty Meehan, is retiring and a whole gaggle of ambitious Democratic politicians would like to take his place. Virtually all the local bloggers have come to the same conclusion: Jamie Eldridge is the most progressive and will make the most effective representative for the district. Blue America agrees (as does Progressive Democrats of America). Jamie will be our guest for a blog session at Firedoglake on Saturday, August 18 at 2pm, EST.

Now remember, we're talking about Massachusetts here-- a Democratic primary in Massachusetts-- so it isn't like we're talking about a bunch of really bad candidates-- except for one, Jim Miceli, the confused Republican who thinks he's a Democrat. But Jamie is the one who we'll be able to count on to stand firm against Bush and Cheney on Iraq and Jamie is the one who will be a leader when it comes to the most important issues progressives care about, like universal health care.

The primary is September 4th, about 2 months away and we just opend a Blue America page for him a week or so ago. Jamie's in his early 30's and I asked him to put together a playlist of some of his favorite songs to help us put him in a kind of cultural context. He sounds like a pretty typical Crooks & Liars Late Nite Music Club fan to me:

5- Egg Man by Beastie Boys
4- Range Life by Pavement
3- Cortez The Killer by Neil Young
2- All Apologies by Nirvana
and... the # 1 choice for the next congressmember from Massachusetts:

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Anyone that likes Satchmo deserves our support.


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