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-by Noah

Who needs conspiracy? Here's some interesting facts (for real) that drive JFK/CIA/Cuba conspiracy buffs into a frenzy:
1. Sam "Momo" Giancana was found dead in his kitchen the day before he was due to testify in front of the House Special Committee on Assassinations back around 1978. A circle of bullet holes placed none too discreetly around the corpse's mouth. Giancana and JFK were bangin' the same babe, Judith Exner. I never found her that appealing.
2. The financial interests that the mob wanted back in Cuba were the Havana casinos, the profits of which they enjoyed under Batista. Las Vegas wasn't enough. JFK wouldn't invade Cuba again after his agreement with Nikita over the missile crises. That made the right-wingnut crowd also hopping, foaming-at-the-mouth mad at JFK. Oh, and the mob detested JFK's bro for some reason. Something to do with trucks.
3. After he lost his campaign for the governorship of California in 1962, one of our country's biggest madmen, Richard Nixon, worked for Robert Maheu. He was essentially his bagman. Maheu worked for Howard Hughes in Las Vegas most of his adult life. Nixon got his reward 6 years later.
4. Nixon was meeting with Texas oilman Jim Brannen, on behalf of Maheu, in the DalTex building (on Dealey Plaza) in Dallas on 11/22/63. He left later that morning. Nixon carried a briefcase into and out of the DalTex building. It wasn’t weighed either time.
5. E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis (plumbers, later arrested in the Watergate break-in) have also been reported multiple times as having been in Dallas that day. Hunt’s alibis were blown to smithereens decades ago and Hunt's own kids once confronted him about their suspicions. What does your daddy do?                                   
6. Hunt was CIA. So was Sturgis; both had connections to the mob, the CIA, and Cuban exile groups. Oswald traveled in some of the same circles. You ever hear of six degrees of separation? Try two. Some say Sturgis was one of the shooters but there is little evidence and it is more likely that the actual shooters were brought in from out of the country by the mob, if the mob was involved, of course. That's just how they operate. "Sure, Lee, you can fire off a few rounds, too".
7. When arrested at The Watergate in June of 1972, Hunt and Sturgis were working for CREEP. It really was called that. Committee to Re-Elect the President. You can’t say these guys didn’t have a sense of humor. And, of course, it’s gotta just be a big fat coincidence that several lawyers defending players in the Watergate cover up also worked for the suspect Warren Commission ten years earlier.
8. CIA Caribbean station chief at the time of the JFK murder was George H. W. Bush, although the CIA has always claimed that it was "another George Bush". You can’t make this stuff up. Reality is what they say it is, or so they think. Kinda like Daddy Bush’s son Dubya saying amnesty means paying a price for your transgressions. They don’t lie. They just re-define.
9. The "troop" ships for the Cuban exiles in the original Bay of Pigs operation were supplied by a dummy oil company in Houston, set up for the CIA by George H. W. Bush.
10. Nixon's Watergate tapes reveal him to be very concerned about anyone talking about "the Bay of Pigs", saying that "It would be very bad to have this fellow Hunt… he knows too much". Nixon’s aide H. R. Haldeman, in his memoirs backs this up. Nixon had once told his other chief aide, John Ehrlichman, "this fellow Hunt… will uncover a lot of things… you open that scab… this involves the Cubans, Hunt and a lot of hanky panky", saying in effect that the Bay Of Pigs" and Dallas were one in the same, intertwined. THAT just may have been his biggest concern about the Watergate investigations.
11. John Ehrlichman once wrote a novel called "The Company". It’s about a President and a CIA head who are blackmailing each other over a past assassination plot that had CIA involvement. Hey, write what ya know!
12. OJ did it. Warning: This post will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

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At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The recent batch of CIA documents show that Nixon's boss Maheu was the CIA's man hiring the mob, Roselli, Giancanna,Traficante and Marcello. Just a wierd coincidence, I guess.

At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


4. Nixon was meeting with Texas oilman Jim Brannen, on behalf of Maheu, in the DalTex building (on Dealey Plaza) in Dallas on 11/22/63. He left later that morning. Nixon carried a briefcase into and out of the DalTex building. It wasn’t weighed either time.



A specific point on the west face roofline of the Dal-Tex Building afforded an assassin (labeled "DRS" on my Dealey Plaza pro-surveyed map linked below) a bullet trajectory that nearly duplicated the exact same vertical, horizontal, & lateral angles at President Kennedy as the warrenatti, supposed, "lone nut" "snipers lair" window----duplicating the same angles as the "lone nut" window would be uppermost in the milop mindset to further try to frame the "lone nut 'patsy'."

What is/are your reference(s) for your claim about Nixon meeting with a Jim Brannen on 11-22-63?

Best regards in Research,

Dealey Plaza Professionally surveyed Map Detailing 11-22-63 Precise victims locations, Witnesses & Photographers, Suspected bullet trajectories, Evidence, and Vital information for Your Consideration.....

Discovery: The Rosemary Willis Zapruder filmed 2nd Headsnap; West, Ultrafast, & Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll.....

Some Dal-Tex angles & views....

At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

grand pa bush is the interesting one ubc director of the nazi bank shut down for trading with the enemy act,becomes brown brothers construction,morfs into bectel construction,into halaburten,da wade solves 3 murders in ten min.but takes 9 years to get nazi abortion to the higest couert in land. 30 mil lives so far grand pa whish ww2 continues into 2008

At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out warren commission hearings and exibits 26 thousand pages of interesting reading,go to wik.ask for warren commission way down page almost at bottom hearings and exibits opens up the truth vol17 p.283,vol7 p.289 hary holmes, eva grant vol15p.321 why was fbi interving ruby sister and friends on sat, 23rd, skip back to report appendix 5 list of witnesses page 455 in my nytimes addition,if they new every page person and location why wait to after the 64 election to publish hearings and exibits?


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