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317 days ago Lieberman fake-Democrat Katrina Swett (co-chair of his pathetic 2004 presidential "campaign") was using typical DLC/Lieberman talking points to chastise progressives and grassroots Democrats for rejecting a treacherous corporate whore and warmonger like Lieberman. It wasn't even a year ago and Swett was still all sweaty with Liebermania:
Swett believes Lieberman lost because of three perceived Democratic "sins": the sin of supporting the Iraq war and being tough on defense, the sin of being bipartisan and the sin of displaying religious faith. Swett said those traits might make Lieberman undesirable to many Democrats but they could be key for Democrats in winning future national elections.

"Round two in Connecticut is going to be a battle between two Democrats: Joe Lieberman, a centrist Democrat, and Ned Lamont, a pretty-far-left-of-center Democrat," said Swett. "I'm convinced that Joe Lieberman is the better leader . . . and I'm also convinced that he's the better positioned politically for the future of the party that I love."

The party she loves? That would be the Money Party, represented on her side of the aisle by the corporately sponsored DLC. But today, in the hopes of advancing her floundering career and taking over the New Hampshire Senate seat of another Money Party shill, Republican John Sununu, Swett is singing a different tune, a very different tune. She can't get far enough away from Lieberman, nor fast enough. In her desperation to not be associated with the Lieberman branch of the party she has always been a part of, she is donating money to progressive Rep. Tom Allen, the progressive running against Lieberman's candidate in Maine, the hapless Republican rubber stamp Susan Collins. Swett not only donated $1,000 to Allen, she did it through MoveOn.org, a group she has chastised as being a bunch of left-wing extremists. Swett is the absolute worst kind of Democrat you'll ever find-- and the only way to ensure that John Sununu is re-elected.
Meanwhile, the race keeps heating up. Like Swett, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand has been campaigning for months. Jay Buckey, a Dartmouth medical professor and former astronaut, threw his hat in the ring this month. Meanwhile, many Democrats are publicly pining for former governor Jeanne Shaheen, led by former Democratic party chairwoman Kathy Sullivan, who is leading a Draft Shaheen campaign.

I hope that by election day we will have a page up entitled: Vote No On Lieberman Treachery, with a list of all the candidates he is endorsing. Meanwhile, I want to urge you to contribute to Tom Allen, Donna Edwards and Victoria Wulsin and to withhold donations from Katrina Swett.

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At 12:32 PM, Blogger fahrender said...

right on, baby. show katrina up for the devious shill she was born to be .......


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