Thursday, June 07, 2007

Damn homos couldn't fill the Commies' shoes as Public Enemy #1, so it's up to immygrants. So pick yer own damn fruit and clean yer own damn toilet!


Dinky Georgie Bush, he of the dinkest dinky in the history of the male dinky, thought it would be comical beyond imagining (forgetting that everything in the universe is beyond his imagining) to enslave his scum-sucking doody-for-brains countrymen with a steady diet of hatred and terror. Hate and be afraid! Be afraid and hate!

The American way. Just like ol' Pres. Frankfurter Z. Rosebush 'splained it to us. (Uh, that was in Cuban, but we'll provide an English translation later.)

So now that the dinkiest dink of them all has totally discredited himself in every way possible, leaving himself exposed as a rancid pile of toxic puke, all his hate-mongerees, the people who got a better-than-sexual charge out of all that dawn-of-man ignorance and free-floating violent loathing, are spitting on the shithead even as he sprawls on his imperial throne--and have proclaimed themselves the Puny Princelings of Darkness.

From the depths of their microscopic single-cell brains, the screeching partisans of xenophobia bring forth a screeching brainlessness not known on planet earth since those early primitive proteins (or whatever the hell they were--we patriots hate science people and would be pleased to see them die satisfyingly horrific deaths) evolved (oops, sorry!) into the planet's first life forms. Or, rather, since that magical day when God created man, never imagining that he could someday evolve (oops, did it again!), you know . . .

into--Tom Tancredo! (Eek!)

The Republicrackpots who've been whipping their pea-brained followers into hysteria over the Immigrant Invasion are all clinically insane and should be carted off to loony bins where they can have millions of volts therapeutically pumped into them, until the sickness subsides a bit.

There may be somebody other than the superwackos--and I'm afraid that means you too, Dobbs--who has actual real-world evidence of a crisis involving immigration. But I know I for one haven't seen it, and I've been trying to pay attention. Meanwhile, considering the monstrousness of much of what was stuffed into this immigration "reform" package in hope of making it passable, how could we not be better off with no bill?

Now, as soon as the crackpots have finished their courses of treatment (fire up those electrodes, boys!), maybe we can return to the subject a bit more . . . er, calmly and rationally.

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At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we better get help building "stuff" .... we sure seem to have lost that American Know How ..... cars, construction, aerospace components, camera's, railroads, steel, military, geez ..... maybe we should outsource the ruling class.


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