Thursday, June 28, 2007



What a day! Bush's reactionary Supreme Court struck down at least basic underpinnings of school integration policies in places since 1954. Bush is back to a "Bring It On" posture regarding the subpoenas in the illegal wiretaps controversy. This is sure to wind up in the Supreme Court as a separation of powers case-- i.e.- Bush and Cheney not wanting to be separated from the powers they seized.

Rahm Emanuel's assault on Cheney's lair seems to be taking off, although cranky Republican nutcase Ralph Regula asked in Cheney would be forced to work out of a "Katrina trailer" if the Democrats defund his office. Smart to remind people of one of the Republicans' most disastrous failures-- and I think most Americans would prefer to see Cheney not working and in a cell rather than an office or a trailer.

The Republican philosophy of government continues to undermine the health and safety of all Americans as Miss McConnell's (R-KY) Chinese business partners flood America with poisoned toothpaste and poisoned food (and not just for Fido anymore), while the FDA sits around with their thumbs up their asses.

And even Fox is reporting lowest ever polling numbers on their failed president, while Republican postergirl Ann Coulter publicly melts down so that the whole country can see what these people are really, at their core, all about.

Meanwhile, the most reactionary elements of the GOP coalition, lead by bigots and nativists like Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL), drove a silver stake through the heart of Bush's immigration reform legislation, making it completely clear to anyone paying attention that the only way this problem will ever be dealt with seriously is to replace at least half a dozen Republican senators and another 30-40 Republican House members and elect a Democrat-- any Democrat, even someone as corporately-oriented as Clinton-- to the presidency.

And speaking of Hillary, my pal Matt sent me an hilarious video of Hill with her latest song theme contest, something that will hopefully help you get your mind off this awful day:

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