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The hope in Kentucky was to pray the Republicans picked their most corrupt candidate, incumbent crook Ernie Fletcher, and that the Democrats rejected their own crook, reactionary Republican-backer Bruce Lunsford. The problem with that is that how could anyone be stupid enough to vote for Fletcher and how could another candidate resist Lunsford's tidal wave of cash and Establishment support. Last Tuesday both happened-- Republicans idiotically picked Fletcher and Democrats wisely rejected Lunsford and nominated Beshear. And the first polls for the general election are in: no contest. Miss McConnell's worst nightmare is happening back home. But what's an old nag gonna do? She embraced Fletcher, sleaze and all.
A WHAS11/SurveyUSA poll shows Democrat Steve Beshear would crush Fletcher by nearly a 2-1 margin if the general election were held today...

With Beshear polling 62% to Fletcher's 34%, look for the Republican gutter campaign to kick off immediately with Fletcher and his whacko running mate, Robbie Rudolph, screaming that Beshear will tax school prayers and guns and force abortions and homosexuality on Christians. The sad thing is that even after 6 years of Bush-rule, a third of Americans still buy that load of manure.

The WHAS poll shows Beshear leading in every area of the state, including the most red areas, and among all age groups. Even "among Republicans who said they voted for Anne Northup on Tuesday, 51 percent say they'd vote for Beshear today, 36 percent for Fletcher, 13 percent undecided."


Yesterday Joe Gerth's column in the Louisville Courier-Journal tabulated what each of the candidates spent per vote in the primary. Among the also-rans "Republican Billy Harper spent $5.1 million-- most of it his own money-- to receive 27,086 votes. That's a whopping $188.28 per vote. Democrat Bruce Lunsford spent $4.7 million-- largely his own money-- on 74,537 votes. That's $63.06 per vote... Republican Anne Northup coughed up $16.85 for each vote she got." And the two winners? Fletcher outspent Northup at $26.39 for each vote he received, and Beshear was the most economical, paying just $8.54 per vote to win the Democratic nod.

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At 12:33 AM, Blogger Nate said...

Wow... Great ad. Great story about the wise Kentuckians who know quality when they see it. Are we soon to see another stalwart member of BlueAmerica?


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