Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh, to have been in the Senate Thursday afternoon, to witness the tearful reunion of the prodigal senator and his comrades-in-arms


Hey, did you hear the big news from before the Memorial Day Weekend? I just caught up with it via a Thursday 3:44pm entry in Paul Kane's "Capitol Briefing" blog on washingtonpost.com. You'll never guess who paid a whirlwind visit to the Senate that day! Yes, ladies and germs, the head on the item reads:

McCain Returns to Senate

What's more, the Sultan of Baghdad actually cast a vote, for the first time in six weeks.

Kane doesn't get into it, but you have to figure there was all manner of hugging and kissing and crying as our John reunited with all his old Senate buddies (though poor old Sen. Jim Bunning is probably still asking anyone who'll listen, "Who is it? Is it Santa Claus?")--not to mention the inevitable cries of "Didja bring me anything?" I wouldn't be surprised if the senator hurriedly sent his old pal Sen. Lindsey "Gotta Shop Till I Drop" Graham out into the bazaars of D.C., and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if America's hagglemeister came back with rugs for everyone! (Leastwise the Republicans. You know them damn Dems don't Support Our Troops. 'Ceptin' that nice man-o-Gawd Holy Joe Lieberman.)

Kane does tack on this note:
[Full disclosure: McCain returned to Washington yesterday afternoon for a meeting with his national finance committee for his presidential campaign, followed by a rooftop fundraiser last night hosted by a lobbying firm. That was followed up today by a breakfast fundraiser here in Washington and then an evening money event, leaving time for senatorial duties.]

I just think it's nice--heart-warming, even--when the senator manages to work a bit of the people's business into the jam-packed schedule for his real business: the business of fund-raising.

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