Monday, May 28, 2007

Have you been falling behind on coverage of the 2008 presidential campaigns? Happily, here's Tom Tomorrow to get you all caught up on both races


[As usual with these things, you can click on either strip to enlarge.]

I've been conceptualizing and hacking my way through a piece that will bring together all the current strands of discussion: why we can't stop the war, why we can't have a serious discussion of immigration, why in fact it's so hard in our system to talk about issues that really matter.

It will come, eventually, and the best part is, it's guaranteed not to make the tiniest dribble of a difference. Because, as we can see from these recent offerings from the great Tom Tomorrow, the new presidential election cycle is already humming.

It occurs to me that most everything I'm trying to verbalize is in fact expressed in these lovely strips. Plus, somehow our Tom makes it all funny. This, surely, has to be chalked up to genius.

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