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We sure do get to meet all manner of unsavory characters as the Bush Regime pukes up one kook after another. You know, tomorrow morning we have Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) coming to do a Blue America chat at FDL and I spent over an hour with him on the phone today getting prepared. What a brilliant guy! Something he talked about though just struck me, which is that the Bush conservatives and the Norquist gang hate and distrust government and when they undermine it with all these scandals and outrages that look like incompetence... well, at the very least they have the satisfaction of knowing they're turning people away from the concept of collective social action (i.e.- government). They really do want to wreck it-- and that's the one thing the Bush Regime has been able to do. As Congressman Nadler pointed out to me, half their high level appointees at the regulatory agencies are lobbyists from regulated industries who are dead set against regulation. I thought immediately of all the dead pets thanks to the FDA's failings, not to mention FEMA's role in making the Katrina aftermath far worse than it had to be. The Congressman pointed out the EPA and how Bush Regime political hacks overruled professional scientists whose research findings on climate change differed from the Party Line. Anyway, tomorrow at 11am (ET), come and heard Congressman Nadler talk about some of these stuff from his very unique perspective; end of advertisement and back to Monica M. Goodling.

In case it's a new name to you, let me catch you up a little. She was a top aide to Abu Gonzales, the liaison between the White House and the Department of Justice. You see where this is going already, right? The fired U.S. Attorneys and the politicization of the American justice system. So Congress called on her to testify she refused, on the grounds that she might incriminate herself, and took a (paid) leave of absence. Today, Good Friday (slowwwwwwwww news day three days), she resigned. And the Regime offered no explanation. It is widely believed that she was in on the politics of helping Senator Pete "Sneaky Pete" Domenici (R-NM), Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) and Rove get rid of U.S. Attorney David Iglesias.

Abu Gonzales and his chief deputy both claim-- as usual-- they know nothing and that they "had removed themselves from any personnel decisions related to Goodling." No doubt. Meanwhile House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers "remains committed to questioning Monica Goodling, especially with this new development. Her involvement and general knowledge of what happened makes her a valuable piece to this puzzle."

Today's Washington Post points out that this isn't the first abrupt departure from the DoJ since the Regime has been called out on the carpet by Congress for their malfeasance.
Her departure follows the resignation last month of D. Kyle Sampson, Gonzales's former chief of staff, who went on to testify in the Senate that Gonzales was more directly involved in the prosecutor firings than he had sometimes acknowledged.

Sampson and Goodling worked closely together on the firings, particularly in the case of an Arkansas prosecutor removed to make way for a former aide to presidential advisor Karl Rove.

Both Gonzales aides also participated in briefings for Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty and others prior to testimony in Congress that has since been shown to be inaccurate. Goodling and her attorneys have cited McNulty's complaints about the briefings as the reason for her refusal to testify.

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At 7:19 PM, Blogger Glen Michael Wilson said...

I filed a complaint with the Department of Justice-Office of the inspector General in March, of 2004.

The complaint dealt with; "Civil liberties violations, by a DOJ employee."

I filed this complaint with the DOJ-OIG via their secure, electronic complaint filing avenue.

That can only be accessed from the Dept. of Justice's national website.

This electronic (e-mail) site deals only with complaints of this nature.
(civil liberties violations by a DOJ employee against a citizen)

At the bottom of the e-mail comments section, right next to the "submit" icon, there was a box you could check, and these words;
"If you would like aknowledgment of reciept by the DOJ-OIG of your complaint, check here."

I checked this box. And over the next three years, in over 16 seperate e-mails sent to the DOJ-OIG, as; "complaint additions", and "status of my complaint" I continued to check this box.

To this very day, I have yet to recieve aknowledgment from the DOJ-OIG that an investigation of my allegations were ever undertaken.

Total silence right up to this very day. To my repeated requests for;

"Status of my complaint"
"The name of the investigating agent."
"How do I contact him?"

"Where do I send the witness names,
and court records evidence that verifies my allegations?"

"Why is there a block placed on my being able to file a formal, written complaint of civil liberties violations at both the Ventura branch office of the FBI, and at the Los Angeles branch as well?

I have come to believe that the DOJ- Office of the Inspector General, under this current administration has corrupted this complaint filing avenue.

It would appear that this site for filing complaints is now used to gain a "heads up" on complaints against DOJ employees. So that they can delay the process. Until a person gives up.

I have called the DOJ-OIG 1-800 hotline number several times. Everyone is
pleasant and courteous until I give my name, and the type it into their data base.

Then there are long pauses. A change of tone. Sometimes a little stammering. And always, "There is no one here at this time that can help you Mr. Wilson."

I ask for the same basic information each and every time.
"Status of complaint.
"Who is the investigating agent?"
"Don't you people want the court records evidence, and the witness names that will show that my allegations are true?"

Sometimes I am told that my call is being, "re-directed"
Then it is "dis-connected."

Sometimes I am put on hold. Until hours later, I give up.

I have repeatedly asked for the DOJ-OIG to refute my allegations in writing. If they can. They can't. And they damn well know it.

The DOJ- Office of professional responsibility states that approx. 70 percent of all complaints like mine, of; "civil liberties violations by a DOJ employee" are filed via this secure, electronic filing site that can only be accessed from the DOJ's national web page.

Please look into this in every way available. And when you verify that what I am relating is true, start a fire under the mainstream media's fat lazy ass until they start following the considerable paper trail back to those that should be held accountable.

Like they're supposed to do.

I know that my allegations are true. I also know that my allegations of the crimes committed against my person, by a federal employee are some of the most serious charges that can be leveled by a citizen against an FBI agent of the Dept. of Justice.

But even if they were not, or didn't rise to the level of criminal behavior on the part of the DOJ employee, the DOJ-OIG should put their findings in writing.

They should tell a person who has filed a complaint what is the status of the complaint.

They should endeavor to secure any evidence that would aid in the investigation.
Court records.
Witness names.
And sworn testimony that is germain to the allegations.

Especially when it is repeatedly called to their attention. Repeatedly offered.

Also, to block a citizen from filing a formal written complaint is very telling in and of itself.

If a citizen isn't allowed to file a formal written complaint;
They don't have to respond to it.

They don't have to try and refute allegations that are irrefutable.

And at the end of the year, they can diminish greatly the number of incidences of criminal misconduct that make it into the public record.

But they do so at the expense of the truth, the law and the constitution.

And they do these things deliberately.
These links below will make it abundantly clear that the rule of law, and the constitution mean nothing to these people.

The first link will show you copies of the last five requests for "status of my complaint" that I filed with the DOJ-OIG through their secure electronic complaint site. That can only be accessed from their national home web page.

The "status of complaint filings that preceded these more "testy" exchanges were
civil to the extreme. And asked the same basic questions of complaint status;
What is the investigating agent's name?
Where do I send additional evidence?
Please help with me get the block lifted at the Ventura FBI branch, and Los Angeles branch office so that an investigation into the criminal activities I allege to be occurring by officers of the Ventura Superior Court can begin to be investigated.

These final five complaint filings were sent by me from 16 months past complaint filing, to over two years past filing. Total silence from the DOJ-OIG to this very day.

After more than two years of silence. Left twisting in the wind by these people, I started getting a bit testy and surly towards the end. As you will see when you read them.
This next link details a lot of the information that I passed onto FBI agent Michael Templin. That he failed to act on. Which is why he became the DOJ employee that I filed my DOJ-OIG complaint against.

All of this information was also sent to the DOJ-OIG as part of my complaint.
This link details how FBI agent Michael Templin mis-represented himself to me to gain a copy of my DOJ-Office of the Inspector General complaint of; "civil liberties violations by a DOJ employee" from me. After months of silence by the DOJ-OIG.
This details the pure unadultrated Hell that FBI agent Michael Templins refusal to act upon a mountain of unambiguous evidence, forced me to go through. After he had more than enough information to know without a shadow of a doubt that my life was in danger.

My freedom was illegally taken from me, and my civil liberties rights to Due process and equal protection had been violated dozens of times before I sought his help.

And they were violated even more times after he refused to act.
This is the icing on the cake as evidence that the original allegations of criminal actions by officers of the Ventura County Superior Court that were constitutionaly protected civil liberties violations against my person were valid.

And that the criminal actions of this court are so blatant, that FBI agent Michael Templin could not credibly state that these were not criminal actions that "didn't rise to the level of seriousness necessary for him to act."

Ventura County Superior Court case hearing docket entries attached.
If you want to gain copies of the factual case hearing docket entries that detail the 17 jury trial dates that the officers of the Ventura Co. Superior Court derailed,
you must access them first from the "public access" court records site.

Before you access the "supposedly" same court records from the court's main records site by use of LEXIS/LEGAL or camparable records retrieval software.

They keep the fabricated court records on the court's main court records data base. That is the site that lawyers, journalists and law enforcement agencies retrieve with LEXIS/LEGAL software.

They (the Ventura Co. Superior Court personel) actually control two secure data bases for the case hearing records of legal disputes that have come before them.

And they gave me a fine go for almost three years, by placing the factual case hearing records on the "public access" site.

The public access site is the site that "John Q. Public" uses,

Doing this so that when ever I was able to gain the interest of a lawyer, law enforcement agent, or journalist, by relaying something like;
"If you will just access the case hearing records for such and such a date, you will see that I was in jail on a no bail warrant in the morning, and pro per. And that I was O.R.'d out later in the day and lawyered up. My being allowed to O.R. on a "no bail charge" was the coercive, illegal condition that judge Cloninger attached to my being given a "waiver of bail. Promise to appear" release from jail.

"Then you will see that the very first words of my "coerced into taking, if I wanted out of jail" public defender were; "Defense declares doubt as to defendents competency." without ever talking to me. With no history in my life of mental health problems, treatment etc. with no outburst in court over the 19 months that I had been going."

Well, when anyone I convinced to look into the many unusual actions of the court such as this did so, they found nothing of the sort when my "altered" case hearing records popped up.

Because they were accessing the court's main records data base with something like; LEXIS/LEGAL software.

Which sent them to an entirely different data base than the one I was looking at.

When what these people saw, didn't match up with what I had related to them they would find, they would come to the conclusion that I was either lying, delusional, or both.

This led to every lawyer, journalist and law enforcement person that I was able to convince to "look at the case docket entries" attaching a comment in their data base that came up every time that my name was typed in that said something to the effect of;
"Waste no time. Back to work. Already looked into. False claim."

But you can access the factual case hearing records by;
Going to; Ventura County Superior Court.
Clicking on; Public access. Case inquiries
Clicking on; Traffic and criminal.
Clicking on; Docket entries.
Clicking on; By name and date of birth.
Type in; Glen (first name)
Type in; Wilson (last name)
Type in; 01 (month)
Type in; 07 (day)
Type in; 1952 (year)
THEN Click on;
Case number #201044311
With the violation date of; 12-27-2001

And the 1,212 case hearing docket entries that detail my 17 jury trial derailments and everything else that I relayed in my truthful account will be verified by the court's own records.

Then, after you have made copies of these records, Use your LEXIS/LEGAL software to access the courts records of the same case number from their main court records data base.

I guarentee you that they will be completely different on the over two dozen key dates when the rule of law was negated.

If you take the time to look into this, your time will not be wasted.

And you will have more than enough evidence to show that from;
The cop on the street in Oxnard, Calif.
To the officers of the Ventura County Superior Court.
To the FBI agents at the local branch office.
And right on up to the Inspector General's Office at the Department of Justice.

The lack of leadership supplied by this current administration views the rule of law, as well as the constitution as an impediment to their decietful, craven, morally bankrupt plans.

You will also discover that a whole nest of these oath forsaken vipers have taken over a major State of California Superior Court.

I can also hear the slither and hiss of such things in the federal branch of justice. All the way from here.

Because in the Oxnard Police Department, the Ventura County Superior Court,
the local branch of the FBI, and in the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General;
Justice is not only blind.
She has been bound,
and is being held incommunicado
in a windowless room.
At some undisclosed location.


Glen Michael Wilson
Oxnard, Calif.



At 5:41 AM, Blogger Swan said...

There is a great post on The Carpetbagger Report from a few days ago about the mainstream media's (specifically Time magazine's) ignoring the prosecutor purge scandal.

What explains the failure of the mainstream media to cover the purge scandal for so long, and so many other scandals? Do you think somebody just set up newspaper editors to cheat on their wives, and threatened to tell if the editors wouldn’t play ball when they come back some day and ask for something?

It wouldn’t be that hard to do, when you think about it. People wouldn’t talk about it.

At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

150 graduates in the federal government.

I wonder if a bold headline
" Your president and his administration is destroying your government ON PURPOSE"
Vote for Democrats in 08!!!!

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These witless wonders perpetuate ignorance and incompetence. They cannot think past the ends of their noses, and they are so brain washed that reality plays no part in their conscious thought processes. It is all magical thinking with them.


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