Thursday, April 26, 2007

If you missed seeing how far House will go to invade Wilson's privacy--and Foreman's personal and professional crisis--here's when you can see it


"House Training," the House episode I wrote about last night, the one that was first shown Tuesday night, is scheduled to be shown on USA Network a week from Friday night, May 4, at 11pm EDT. (Don't ask me about other time zones. I don't know from other time zones. Don't you have a therapist or clergyman you can talk to about these things?)

This is the episode in which Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps) undergoes his worst professional crisis, at the same time that he's receiving an unexpected--and not especially welcome--visit from his parents. It's also the episode in which House's obsession with Wilson's private life reaches such preposterous lengths as to make one wonder more than ever what the whole concept of "friendship" means to him. At the same time we wind up learning some mighty interesting things about Wilson.

USA's system, the website explains, is that the Saturday 11pm House slot is devoted to "classic" episodes (i.e., from previous seasons), while current-season episodes are shown in the Friday slot. Except the week after they appear on Fox.



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