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Representative Doody (R-FL) has been getting quite a bit of press lately. In fact, with Boehner increasing his tanning booth time and Blunt increasing his K. Street time, most of the disruption and obstructionism Cheney and Rove have demanded in the House is falling on poor little Congressman Doody's frail shoulders. Today's Washington Post say's he's a total press whore and publicity hound. "The Florida Republican's new job is to jump on anything that makes Democrats look bad and exploit it for maximum effect. As chairman of the Republican Conference Committee, Putnam is the face and voice of House Republicans. His agenda: to aggressively display the flaws of the new majority, to convey the ideas of the Republicans, and to work his hardest to help his party win back the House in 2008."

Most adults in the Republican caucus treat him like a bothersome twerp but he has managed to put together a little team of nincompoops and degenerates including the two stupidest members of Congress: Lynn Westmorland (R-GA) and Patrick McNutcase (R-NC). "Because we're in the minority, we have to work that much harder to get our message out," said Putnam, who edged out Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga) for the job of conference chairman by a vote of 100 to 91." How could someone with not a single positive attribute edge out anyone. Well, remember, who we're talking about. Jack Kingston is not just a garden variety fascist and demonstrably insane; he's the one who seemed to threaten to turn himself into a suicide bomber in order to keep the Democrats from making peace in the Middle East. In the epic battle between Howdy Doody and the suicide bomber from Georgia, Howdy Doody won... by a nose.

Doody was a protege of Planet Denny Hastert, another Republican closet case still on the loose, and he campaigned for him when he was still a child and once he won a seat "placed him on key congressional committees such as Rules and Budget" and then helped him get a leadership spot once Republican congressional leader Tom DeLay was indicted for money laundering.

Doody, who was in charge of keeping the GOP from being swamped because of the Mark Foley page molestation scandal-- it didn't work; they lost 31 seats-- is now trying to coordinate the party's message, the way Rahm Emanuel does for the Democrats. "Life in the minority means the Republicans don't always know days in advance what will transpire and often have to react to Democratic moves, which makes good internal communication key, Putnam said. He is developing a new communications strategy for the Republicans, one that reaches beyond the Beltway to telegraph the party's message to small media markets. He implemented a weekly GOP radio address made available to regional radio stations across the country and is trying to cultivate reporters at small newspapers and blogs that originate far from Washington. 'We're trying to get beyond the Washington Post and the New York Times and take our message to farm radios and weekly papers,' Putnam said." They should call the show IT'S HOWDY DOODY TIME-- AND HAVE I GOT A BIG WHOPPER FOR YOU!

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