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I read Ron Suskind's book The One Percent Doctrine earlier this year, so it's no surprise to me that George Tenet wasn't likely to go to his grave without speaking his mind about these unspeakable and treacherous criminals who infest the entire Bush Regime. I have a feeling Bush isn't going to want to be sitting in front of the teevee on Sunday evening. Scott Pelley will be interviewing Mr. Tenet on 60 Minutes.

The mass media is all over his anger about the misuse of his "slam dunk" comment, but Tenet's analysis of the Bush Regime is certainly not about one incident. He thinks the Regime is disingenuous and dishonorable but it's not only because they scapegoated him and ruined his reputation in order to deflect the blame for Bush's longed for and long planned for attack on Iraq onto him.
"So a whole decision to go to war, when all of these other things have happened in the run-up to war? You make mobilization decisions, you've looked at war plans," says Tenet. "I'll never believe that what happened that day informed the president's view or belief of the legitimacy or the timing of this war. Never!"

Tenet says what bothers him most is that senior administration officials like Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice continue using "slam dunk" as a talking point.

"And the hardest part of all this has been just listening to this for almost three years, listening to the vice president go on 'Meet the Press' on the fifth year [anniversary] of 9/11 and say, 'Well, George Tenet said slam dunk' as if he needed me to say 'slam dunk' to go to war with Iraq," he tells Pelley. "And you listen to that and they never let it go. I mean, I became campaign talk. I was a talking point. 'Look at the idiot [who] told us and we decided to go to war.' Well, let's not be so disingenuous … Let's everybody just get up and tell the truth. Tell the American people what really happened."

The media? The corporate media? ... what really happened? Does Tenet expect them to tell the unadulterated truth? Odd. Instead of Truth, what we get from the mainstream media is the lunatic ravings of a demented old pusbag and hack like David Broder. Today he did a little hatchet job for Karl Rove, whose employ he's been in more and more frequently lately, drawing attention to himself by likening Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to Abu Gonzales.
Broder has been foaming at the mouth these days. A man generally given to soporific prose, Broder has been downright venomous lately. And what has put the Benzedrine in Mr. Broder's Ovaltine? Not the fact that President Bush continues to lie about "progress" in the war in Iraq. Or that Dick Cheney continues to lie about pre-invasion links between al Qaeda and Iraq. Or that the Bush Administration has neglected our wounded warriors, ignored the victims of Katrina, potentially obstructed justice by firing US Attorneys who were pursuing GOP wrongdoing. Not even that the Bush Administration lied to the families of Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch, cynically using their blood to distract from their own incompetence and dishonesty.

No, none of this raises Dean Broder's hackles.

He reserves his vitriol for Harry Reid.

Why Reid? Because Reid has been one of the few politicians with the courage to speak the plain, unvarnished truth to power, and the hallmark of Mr. Broder's career has been to suck up to power. Reid calls Bush a liar. Broder can't handle the truth.

In a radio interview Monday, Broder blasted Reid, calling him "bumbling," saying he's an embarrassment, and breaking the news that, "at some point down the road the Democrats are gonna have to have a little caucus and decide how much further they want to carry Harry Reid."

Really? And on what did the self-styled dean of the Washington press corps, base this bombshell? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Broder just made it up. That's not journalism, it's bloviating - aka Broderizing. In fact, real reporters on Capitol Hill chased down the Broder charge, actually interviewing Democratic senators and their staffs. They found universal support for Reid.

... Perhaps Broder's bed-wetting tantrum against Reid was spurred by the certain knowledge that while Harry Reid has been telling hard truths, Mr. Broder has been falling hard for transparent lies.

Whereas Reid called for Donald Rumsfeld's dismissal long ago, Broder vouched for Rummy, writing, "Overall, Rumsfeld left me with the impression that he is aware of the risks of war with Iraq, but confident they can be handled."

While Reid has called for investigations into allegations Karl Rove broke the law, Broder vouches for Rove: "Let me disclose my own bias in this matter. I like Karl Rove.... I have eaten quail at his table and admired the splendid Hill Country landscape from the porch of [Rove's] historic cabin...." Mighty cozy in Karl's cabin, isn't it, Mr. Broder?

I doubt very seriously that Harry Reid is bothered by Broder's comments. Reid has faced down Vegas mobsters who planted a bomb in his family car. He's unlikely to be intimidated by George W. Bush's housebroken lap-dog.

My guess is that Give 'Em Hell Harry is going to keep telling them the truth, and Mr. Broder is going to keep thinking it's hell. As George Orwell said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

The Inside the Beltway press corps seems to have gone out of their collective mind. As David Sirota pointed out today, the Bill Moyers tv piece last night is freaking them all out. It exposes them as the collaborators and enablers they have been on the entire disgraceful Bush agenda. (If you missed Moyers' show, watch it here and you'll see why all the press hacks are in melt down mode.)


Broder may be trumpeting Rove's propaganda crap for WaPo readers but there sure weren't any buyers in the Democratic Caucus. Every member signed a letter to the Post explaining how Broder had it all wrong. Even one non-Democrat, Bush henchman Joe Lieberman, signed the letter. They were polite enough not to mention exactly where Broder got his (talking) points from.
We, the members of the Senate Democratic Caucus, contest the attack on Sen. Harry Reid's leadership by David S. Broder in his April 26 column, "The Democrats' Gonzales."

In contrast to Mr. Broder's insinuations, we believe Mr. Reid is an extra
ordinary leader who has effectively guided the new Democratic majority through these first few months with skill and aplomb.

The Democratic caucus is diverse, and Mr. Reid has worked tirelessly to make sure that the views of each member are heard and represented. No one ideology dominates the caucus, so that a consensus can be reached and unity achieved. It is hard to imagine a better model for leadership.

Because Mr. Reid has the support of members of the caucus, is a good listener and has an amazing ability to synthesize views and bring people together, the Senate has accomplished a great deal during his time as majority leader. Armed with his years of service in the Senate and with a mastery of procedure, Mr. Reid has led the chamber with a slim majority and a minority that is, at times, determined to stop legislation with which it disagrees.

In the first 100 days alone, we made great strides under his leadership on long-neglected legislation concerning stem cell research, the Sept. 11 commission's recommendations and the minimum wage, to name three. In addition, under Mr. Reid's leadership, we have fulfilled our obligation, left uncompleted by last year's Republican-led Senate, to fund the federal government. He has accomplished all of this in the face of stiff opposition and with a commitment to giving ideas full opportunity for debate.

Finally, in this age of scripted politicians speaking only to their base or claiming that they "don't recall" anything, the fact that Mr. Reid speaks his mind should be applauded, not derided. His brand of straight talk is honest, comes from the heart and speaks directly to the people.


John Kerry, who is more experienced with the right-wing smear machine than most, went even further.
You all know what's happening-- and once again, you need to let the media gatekeepers know it. Harry Reid is a tough guy and a good fighter, but he can't change the media narrative all by himself. We all need to speak up and protect our leaders when they speak their mind. Minutes after he let loose with a steady stream of pejoratives about Harry Reid, I hit back at Dick Cheney. And I will continue to do so. It's important ... because if we don't stand up for our leaders no one will. This isn't about policy intricacies or a Democrat's syntax, it's about character-- the character of a good man, Harry Reid, and the character of our Party which needs to stand up when one of our own is unfairly attacked.

And the worst part is, the whole attack is based on a completely out-of-context quote. This is what Harry Reid really said, "And as long as we follow the President's path in Iraq, the war is lost. But there is still a chance to change course-- and we must change course." Any questions? The President's own generals say there is no military solution to the civil war in Iraq, that it requires the political solution the Iraqis have resisted. By the Vice President's standard, are they "uninformed and misleading"?

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At 8:41 PM, Blogger Glancing Header said...

What's the deal with Tenet waiting until now to go public with his side of things? It's almost past being a moot point, don't you think?

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Psychomikeo said...

I got to watch the Bill Moyers show & it was soooo good I downloaded it & will be making DVD's out of it to hand out to friends & the other 31%

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Dean said...

I read Mr Broder's piece and tried and was blocked from posting the following at WaPo:

Mr. Broder, once again, I am forced to ask, *Did someone drop your Smith Corona on your head prior to writing this column?* At least this time you did not try to distract us with your maladroit mathematical skills, preferring this time, instead, to mislead with a twisted tautology.

Goombah Gonzales, a babbo of the lowest order, and Senator Harry Reid are the opposite sides of the same coin, counterbalances, aye?

Has Reid displayed the recall of a drug addled amnesiac? a man giving every appearance of having been concussed with a blackjack every other day of his life, a punch drunk pugilist?

Has Reid, having reached the near pinnacle of power in our democracy, displayed the note taking ability of a kindergarten flunk out when supervising the intricate and important government business he is responsible for?

Has Reid perverted and subverted the entire Senate over which he presides as Goombah Gonzales has of the DoJ over which he presides, turning them into the *meat-eater* gunsels of this corrupt Republican Administration?

Mr. Broder you weigh things the same way the proverbial crooked butcher does. He always hides his fat thumb on his side of the scale. But now most Americans are keeping a keen eye out for your wayward digit.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tenet may be coming forth because of a guilty conscience but that dog doesn't hunt. Using the excuse that the position he was in forbid him to divulge classified information is a smokescreen. He voted against the war and it would not have violated his principles to address the senate and congress and reveal that although he could not reveal the classified information his intent was to vote NO! and read between the lines. Only an idiot would not have understood what was being said.


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