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It looks like the Bush Regime will do anything to prevent Rove from getting on a witness stand and taking an oath to tell the truth before he testifies. I wonder why. (Just kidding.) One of their techniques is to try to claim that the demand for sworn testimony from presidential advisers is "unprecedented" and "highly unusual in any White House." This is patently absurd, especially coming from Bush's chief liar, Tony Snow, who was at the head of the pack baying for sworn testimony from Clinton's White House. The hypocrisy from this crew never ceases to amaze. I don't see how anyone can take them seriously since nothing they say is ever true. Henry Waxman, however, does take them seriously and he issued a letter yesterday to set the record straight (as if any of them cared a whit for truth or reality) and showed how under his predecessor as the House Oversight Committee chair, Dan Burton (R-IN), issued 1,052 subpoenas targeting Democratic Party or Clinton administration officials. Waxman points out that the Clinton Administration officials serving in the identical capacities in which Miers and Rove served and serve Bush, were cooperative and did testify before Congress on the record and under oath. "141 individuals who worked in the Clinton administration, including top advisers to the president, spent 568 hours in deposition before the [Oversight] committee staff."

Meanwhile "Democrats angrily rejected Bush's offer to grant a limited number of lawmakers private interviews with the aides with no transcript and without swearing them in. Republicans counseled restraint, but at least one, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, backed the"... Senate Judiciary Committee joining the House Judiciary Committee in authorizing subpoenas for recalcitrant Regime criminals who refuse to appear voluntarily.

The big buzz on the case today-- well, one of the big buzzes-- is that "three of the eight federal prosecutors ousted by the Justice Department as poor performers ranked in the top 10 for prosecutions and convictions by the nation's 93 U.S. Attorneys, an analysis of court records shows. Court records covering the last five years show large volumes of immigration cases helped U.S. attorneys Paul Charlton of Phoenix, Carol Lam of San Diego and David Iglesias of New Mexico consistently place in the upper tier among their peers. The analysis includes each U.S. attorney's per capita record of prosecutions, convictions and prison sentences." But did anyone ever take the Regime's after the fact lies about "poor performance" seriously?

Snow job du jour was on Good Morning America: "Do you want Karl Rove on TV or do you want the truth?" I guess the two concepts are incompatible? Earlier Snow had threatened Congress that if they issue the subpoenas Bush's "reasonable"-- all Regimites have been instructed to never use the word "offer" in regard to this case without prefacing it with "reasonable"-- offer is "withdrawn."

But Snow wasn't the only one of TV. The good guys put up Patrick Leahy (on both NBC's Today and CNN's American Morning where he paraphrased John Lennon: "All I want to know is what the truth is" and "All I want to know is if prosecutors were manipulated." Yesterday Schumer said something similar on CNN's Situation Room: "The president says he wants to get to the truth. Well, then what's wrong with an oath and what's wrong with transcripts?... Our goal-- get out the facts, get to the bottom of it." Later on Countdown Schumer turned the Regime's obsession with The Godfather (Bush calls Gonzales Fredo and everyone calls Bush Sonny): "To paraphrase The Godfather, the president has basically given us an offer we can't accept. ... Any lawyer worth his salt will tell you, no legal proceeding is worth the paper it's written on unless there's a transcript, unless there's sworn testimony. And if the White House wants to get to the truth, and I hope they do, that's the obvious way to do it."


Our old pal Nathan Wilcox thinks so. He explains why over at the Burnt Orange Report. "In the fall of 2005 dominos were falling fast in the Jack Abramoff investigation. And they were falling in one very clear direction, closer and closer to Tom DeLay." One DeLay henchman after another was being rolled up by the Feds-- crooks like Michael Scanlon, Tony Rudy, Ed Buckham... But suddenly it stopped-- dead cold. "...Something very fishy did indeed take place. The lead investigator [Noel Hillman] was given a Judgeship, a new investigator with connections to the GOP machine was appointed and more momentum in the investigation." There's more at the link-- and it gets worse.

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At 10:31 PM, Blogger Daniel DiRito said...

Just today Alberto Gonzales told us he is working tirelessly to be sure he has every American's back covered...especially our children.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always been suspicious of the guy that seems to go out of his way to tell you he’s "got your back covered".

See a sarcastic visual that demonstrates how many Americans feel when the Attorney General reassures us that he's got our backs

At 6:24 AM, Blogger Psychomikeo said...

how does a lawyer say fuck you?

Trust me!


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