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Bush's popularity rating in Kentucky is dismal (37%)-- but that hasn't stopped Mitch "His Bitch" McConnell (52% approval) from inviting him to Louisville for a fundraiser next week at the Seelbach Hotel. "The kind of people who go to these things," one Kentucky political observer explained to us, "are pretty well-heeled. They love Bush for the tax breaks. Most working and middle class people in Kentucky have felt the pinch of Bush's crappy economic policies. The ones who have gotten richer and richer are the ones who support him and McConnell. And it doesn't matter to them that most people in the state are opposed to their war policies."

"I am thrilled he accepted my invitation," oozed Kentucky closet case and senior Senator McConnell. "It's always an honor to have the president in Kentucky." Apparently he's hoping that the demonstrators who don't feel quite as honored, will make a bad enough impression-- and, let's face it, that is easily manipulatable, especially by the practiced propaganda artists at Fox-- on the TV audience.

With more and more Kentucky voters starting to question McConnell's disgraceful role in bolstering the Bush Regime war agenda that they do not support, Democrats are starting to show interest in a race that Inside-the-Beltway pundits are still considering a lock for McConnell. "If it starts getting out to the rural and suburban voters that he's a closet case and that all his anti-gay rhetoric was just a cover up for his hypocrisy, he'll be finished in this state," a Lexington reporter-- who won't report that he already knows McConnell is a gay blade-- told us ("off the record"). The same reporter tells us he expects prominent and respected Kentucky businessman Charlie Owen to enter the race soon.


After all, the Seelbach is fabulous, absolutely fabulous-- just like our Bushie.


And I thought Boehner was the most out of touch congressional leader in history! McConnell apparently doesn't know nothin' about nothin'. The Moonie Times had some questions for him and all he could say is that he doesn't know-- and they weren't like the kind of questions DWT would ask him either. From today's Hotline: "Asked about a new poll showing most Americans want troops withdrawn from Iraq: 'I didn't see the poll.' Asked about the suicide bombing said to have targeted VP Cheney: 'Well, I think the fact that there was a bomb that went off in Afghanistan is not something that hasn't-- it was in Afghanistan, right?' Told yes: 'It's happened before. It's dangerous there.' Asked about 'an agreement the Iraqi government reached on oil revenue': 'Has it been reached?' Told yes, and then asked more about it: 'I haven't-- yeah, I haven't seen it, so I really don't know what the details are. Sorry.' Finally, asked about the decision to involve the U.S. in talks with Iran and Syria: 'Yeah, I really haven't focused on it yet.'" Of course, given what was available who else could teh Republicans in the Senate have chosen to lead them? Charlie's gonna make mincemeat out of this loon if he runs.

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At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give McConnell some time. As Majority leader, he is going to do some pretty nasty political moves on some legislation as the water carrier for the Bush Administration. Even if McConnell gets approval ratings in the 30s, what will scare most challenger will be his war chest.

Sadly, I also think that McConnell will be a better Republican Leader than Frist.(Who wasn't very good) However, Iraq will always be the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and people are demanding action on Iraq, preferably a political solution, instead of more troops.

Any opponent of McConnell can very much tie in any political set back of Iraq with McConnell, or postponing meaningful debate.

I also think the Dems need to concentrate on other like NC, even MS, if Thad Cochran retires, they also need to hold LA.

Let's see what happens in the next few months with McConnell's poll numbers and the rising voters' anger toward the Iraq war.

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