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If you find it odd that other Republicans running for president-- ones who have never served in either the House or the Senate-- have more support from members of Congress than McCain does, then you don't know John McCain. He's hated by his colleagues and no one trusts him. His public image is very well-crafted and the media is up his ass but the folks in the Congress know him as a liar and as unreliable, unpleasant and ego-driven. McCain is generally rated as the worst team player on either side of the aisle with the possible exception of his much-hated dopplehganger, Joe Lieberman.

Paul Krawzak of the Copley News Service announced today that even Romney-- whose whip team is led by closet case Jim McCrery (R-LA) and some Mormons like Buck McKeon-- has more support in Congress than McCain. And PoliticsNJ reported that Giuliani is so far ahead of McCain in that early primary state that McCain might as well not even run there. Many New Jersey state legislators who had previously endorsed McCain have had second thoughts and have withdrawn their endorsements, such as Assemblymembers Jon Bramnick and Amy Handlin who switched to Giuliani. Three others, Jennifer Beck, Steven Corodemus and Samuel Thompson, unendorsed McCain and said they are now uncommitted.

But McCain isn't sitting still. When he's not sucking up to far right loons like Bob Perry-- the maniac extremist who funded the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group McCain called "dishonest and dishonorable" in '04-- but from whom he managed to get a nice $4,200 contribution last week-- he's hunting for endorsements. And he finally found one: Steven LaTourette (R-OH), someone who less desperate candidates might ask to keep the endorsement secret. Aside from being one of Ohio's more corrupt pols-- with all kinds of famous associates like Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney and David Safavian-- LaTourette is very well known for an adulterous affair with an aide that resulted in him divorcing his wife-- and in the aide becoming a lobbyist who made a great deal of money... by lobbying LaTourette's committee. Sounds like a perfect fit with Mr. Double Talk Express.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that indicted Tom DeLay doesn't think either McCain or Giuliani (or Romney) is fit to be president-- hey, even a roomful of chimps with enough time and enough typewriters will eventually bang out one of Bush's 3 favorite Shakespeares. And although DeLay isn't endorsing Hillary Clinton, he recognizes-- as do most realistic Republican operatives-- that she'll be the next president. DeLay's favorite candidate is Huckabee who he says shares an "identical" worldview with him. Does that mean Huckabee is as corrupt as DeLay?


At 6:33 AM, Blogger Milt Shook said...

There is no chance in hell that McCain can win the Republican nomination, no matter what the "experts" say. Well, let me rephrase that; the ONLY way McCain could win the nomination would be if the GOP finally figured out they were going to lose by such a wide margin in '08, that they wouldn't even be able to steal it, they might put him up there as a sacrificial lamb. But that's it.

McCain is hated by a large portion of every portion of the Republican Party. The far right hates him, because they think he's too "liberal," and any support he may have gotten from moderate Republicans dissipated when he started kissing Jerry Falwell's rather ample ass.

This is the part the idiot pundits seem to dismiss about McCain; he's popular with Republican leaning independents, which makes it LOOK like he has all sorts of support. The problem is, independents can't vote in Republican primaries in most states.

Honestly, I think the Republicans with the best chance of getting the nomination is Mike Huckabee, although he, too will be smoked by whomever the Democrats nominate. The next election will be a bloodbath, especially if we're still bogged down in Iraq by then, but even if we're not. People are fed up with these people, and until the GOP cleans its own house, the Dems are here to stay.

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't McCain as head of Indian affairs initiate the Abramoff investigation?


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