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McCain is seeing his shot at the presidency going up in flames as more and more independents have come to see him as the primary impetus behind the most vicious and aggressive war policies of the Bush Regime, further right even than Bush and every bit as bad as Lieberman and Cheney. With senility rapidly draining his mental resources, McCain knows it is certainly now or never. And more than ever it looks very much like never. At least to everyone but John McCain. His latest flip flop is to go on a jihad against our active military men serving on the front. Today he violently attacked General George Casey at Casey's Senate confirmation hearing. He was nominated to be Army Chief of Staff by Bush after serving in Iraq.

McCain is banking on the public's short attention span and on his well honed p.r. machine to deceive voters into, at minimum, doubt about his rubber stamp posture in terms of the entire Iraq catastrophe. Accusing General Casey of being a liar, McCain said, flatly that "I regret that we were not given more and better and more accurate information." McCain made it clear that he has "serious" concerns about Casey's ability to lead the Army. "While I don't in any way question your honor, your patriotism or your service to our country, I do question some of the decisions, the judgments you've made over the past two-and-a-half years," said the blowhard senator to Bush's nominee.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC), McCain's little closet case buddy who's hopin' and prayin' (and kissin' some major butt) for a cabinet position, also joined in the attack, complaining that Casey and his replacement in Iraq, Admiral William Fallon, seemed to be describing two entirely different wars.

Many observers feel MCain is trying to shift blame for Iraq away from the Bush Regime (and himself) and onto the military. Other, more honest, senators-- from both parties, are having none of the condescending McCain's bullshit. Both Virginia senators are respected when it comes to military matters and both, Republican John Warner and Democrat James Webb, made it clear that military officers report to civilian policy makers in the Pentagon (and White House). Webb went so far as to point out that military officers who have spoken independently of the Bush Regime official line have been fired and both former Naval Secretaries agreed that responsibility for the failures in Iraq are way above Casey.


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

McCain has become more craven than Smirk. Maybe he was all along, or maybe it has been since he realized this will be his last chance to become president. Webb won't allow a jack ass like McCain to make a mockery of those in uniform. The snarky "Why do you hate America" line could be asked of McCain, but one better: "Why do you hate the military?"


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