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Republican greed and avarice know no bounds and, to be honest, Beltway Democrats are a bunch I don't believe will go to the mat to protect us from either. Don't you just know Max Baucus is shedding no tears over being "forced" to compromise with Republicans who just hate the idea of raising the minimum wage... unless they can get something for their already fat and pampered contributors-- who just happen to by Baucus' contributors too, not to mention contributors to lots of other Democratic insiders. Oh and it isn't just a reactionary Dem like Baucus siding declaring his allegience to the Money Party; a contribution-obsessed "progressive" like Schumer is just as much a sell-out.

So along comes Chimpy the Prez today whining that Sarbanes-Oxley, passed because his closest friends were caught swindling billions of dollars from the public, is a burden for the poor trampled on multimillionaires and billionaires who fund the Republican Party. (They also fund the DLC and there a more than a fair share of DLC characters with their filthy mitts on the levers of power within the Democratic Party.)

The Regime had Bush say (in a public place) "The principles of Sarbanes-Oxley are as important today as when they were passed, yet complying with certain aspects of the law, such as Section 404, has been costly for businesses and may be discouraging companies from listing on our stock exchanges. We don't need to change the law. We need to change the way the law is implemented." Said the fox to the hen.

And Bush, always the fair and balanced frontman for the vile Regime, held in the laughter while he scolded boards of directors for allowing CEOs to be overly compensated? Yeah... American CEOs make 475 times what their average workers make. Canadian CEO's make 20 times more-- and the Canadians do a lot better than the Japanese, French, Germans, etc. I think the Senate was plotting a bill to bring that average down to 474.5 times by only allowing a profitable tax deferment on the first $1,000,000 but not on any other millions. Take that, you greed dogs!


The February 2 Hotline reports that Democratic senate incumbents are outraising Republicans. And who's hauling in the most bribes donations? None other than Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, who no Big Business lobbyist can ever accuse of favoring workers or consumers over corporate interests. He's got over $2 million on hand and just raked in $851,000. Baucus shoved the most PAC money up his butt of any senate Democrat up for election in 2008: $507,000, followed (distantly) by another-- if a tiny bit less egregious-- corporate whore, Mary Landrieu ($152,000). The Repug gobbling up the most PAC money: Sununu, probably the senator most likely to be working on K Street after November of 2008.


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Jesus asked, "What does it profit you to gain the whole world and still lose your soul?


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