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Charlie Melancon's congressional voting record is one of the absolute worst of any Democrat's. He has voted with Bush and his far right supporters again and again and again and is someone big corporations know they can almost always count on to betray the interests of consumers and working men and women. He voted for the shameful right wing bankruptcy bill, for making a repeal of the estate tax permanent and against the rights of consumers to get fair representation in courts against big corporations. Overall, only 7 Democrats have voted more often with the Republicans than Melancon. Looking at a wide package of legislative bills impacting middle class Americans that came before Congress in the last 2 years DMI gives Melancon a big fat F.

With the even more reactionary Republican congressman Bobby Jindal getting ready to toss his turban hat into the ring for next year's Lousiana gubernatorial race, incumbent Governor Kathleen Blanco (whose Katrina ratings are nearly as dismal as Bush's; mostly because she allowed him to push her around) is wavering about running again. A recent GOP poll shows Blanco losing substantially to Jindal, who nearly beat her last time.

If Blanco bows out, her friend and ally Melancon will probably jump in. Melancon, who just won his second congressional term-- running on an anti-choice, anti-gay platform-- was only elected in 2004 (eking out a 500 vote win) because of a bitter split in Republican ranks and because his eventual Republican opponent, Billy Tauzin's ridiculous son Wilbert Tauzin III, has a criminal record too disgraceful even for Lousiana politics. Last month Rahm Emanuel made retaining Melancon's seat a major DCCC priority (Emanuel being extremely partial towards Democrats who vote with Bush on crucial bills). Melancon beat his Republican opponent this time 75,000 to 55,000.

In 2010 Louisiana will probably lose a House seat because of the post-Katrina diaspora and in all likelihood that seat will be the 3rd district, the one currently represented by Melancon, pictured above with Governor Blanco.

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