Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quote of the day: The last word (we can only hope) on the jokesmanship of Kerry and Chimpy (Plus: Doctorbill the Wacko Quack-O rallies its faithful)


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ALSO YAPPING ITS DISEASED, DEMENTED HEAD OFF--Yes, it's the true voice of evil, the Wacko Quack-O, Sen. Doctorbill Frist!

"Democrats are already measuring the drapes … and the mainstream media has already written us off … but I can feel a real shift in momentum. Americans in Ohio realize that the economy is booming with the lowest unemployment rate in years … Americans in Missouri are sick and tired of the judicial activism displayed so flagrantly by the New Jersey Supreme Court's imposition of gay marriage in all but name … Americans in Michigan know that victory in the War on Terror isn't made any easier when Democrat leaders insult our troops. And now I'm heading back to Tennessee to help with the final push for Bob Corker and to ensure that our momentum carries through to election day."

--the breathless peroration of the Wacko Quack-O's psychotic Volpac-newsletter report--titled "A Shift in Momentum"--on its most recent relentless, nefarious stalking of the American heartland

Mothers, hide the kiddies! It's on the loose! (And if it comes anywhere near your town, keep an eye on the silverware too. The W.Q. comes from a family famous for its sticky fingers.)


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