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"How would Mussolini vote?" That's what Patrick McHenry may well ask himself before every House vote. The North Carolina congressloon isn't a bright person. He's just some kind of nut case who mutters to himself and grimaces and votes awfully-- on everything. He went to school at a Benedictine monastery that doubles as a religionist "college," Belmont Abbey. He was president of the Young Republican Club there and made a name for himself by dressing up like Abe Lincoln and waving a sign that read "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?" somewhere near a Bill Clinton appearance. A couple years later he started and ran a website called, for which Bush rewarded him with a sinecure at the Department of Labor. Claiming his role model is Jesse Helms, McHenry has the #1 most recationary voting record in the entire U.S. Congress. That's right, when you scrape the very, very, very bottom of the congressional garbage can you find Patrick McHenry.

Thankfully, we don't hear much from McHenry. Today however, he has crawled out from under his toadstool to blurt out some nonsense, attempting, lamely and ineffectively, to somehow smear Democrats for the Republican policy of covering of the Foley case. Presumably frightened because Nancy Pelosi has a demanded serious, non-partisan investigation into the cover-up, McHenry is yelping that Democratic leaders "testify under oath about when they knew of former Rep. Mark Foley’s (R-Fla.) Internet communications with a House page. Writing to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), McHenry questioned whether Democrats had a role in publicizing the e-mails, which broke in the middle of the fall election season creating a furor rarely seen in congressional politics. "Is the American public to believe that neither of you nor your staffs nor anyone associated with your staffs had prior knowledge or involvement with the release of Foley’s e-mails and/or explicit instant messages? Is the American public to believe that ABC News stumbled haphazardly on this story without Democratic assistance?" wrote McHenry, a freshman Republican who has emerged as an attack dog for the GOP."

Bowzer is less than effective and the Democrats dismissed him as the imbecile he has shown himself to me. "'Republicans just don’t get it; every mother in America is asking how Republicans could choose partisan politics over protecting kids, and the Republicans are asking who could have blown their cover-up,' said Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider. 'If we had seen Mark Foley's horrific e-mails or instant messages, we would have immediately acted to protect these kids.' DCCC spokeswoman Sarah Feinberg said, 'Of course we did not have the e-mails or instant messages. Give me a break. If you recall, they also blamed us for indicting [former Majority Leader Tom DeLay [R-Texas]. Speaker Hastert and his staff have known about Foley’s inappropriate behavior for years and their attempt to deflect their responsibility is absurd.'"

Brian Ross, the ABC News reporter who first broke the story says his original source was a lifelong Republican. Republican efforts to spin this have met with derision and hostility from the public. But that hasn't stopped clods like McHenry or knaves like Gingrich. Most unbiased observers see the cover-up as the death-knell for whatever slim chances the Republicans had to hold on to power in the House after the midterm elections November 7th. And well deserved.


Poor thing. Little tiny Patsy McHenry was sent out by the big boys in the GOP to be their snarling pit bull of an attack dog against that awful pair of villains Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel, who he insists are somehow responsible for Denny Hastert, John Boehner, John Shimkus, Roy Blunt and Tom Reynolds (R.I.P.) covering up for a serial Republican predator molesting congressional pages. So Lil' Patsy gets on TV with CNN and even Wolf Blitzer turns him into chopped liver in the blink of an eye. Blitzer asks the silly McHenry for some evidence of his patently absurd statement. Instead of politely asking to be excused so he can go to the bathroom, he just... make sin his pants.

BLITZER: Do you have any evidence at all that Democrats or others might have been behind the timing of this scandal?
MCHENRY: Look, let's be honest…
BLITZER: Do you have any evidence to back that charge up?
MCHENRY: No, no, actually, if the Democrats had any issue with saying this, putting all the facts out on the table, they would say, certainly, I'll testify under oath that I had no involvement in it. They've said no.
BLITZER: Well, you don't have any evidence, though, right?
MCHENRY: Well, look at the fact points.
BLITZER: Yes or no, do you have any evidence, Congressman?
MCHENRY: Do you have any evidence that they weren't involved?
BLITZER: I'm just asking if you're just throwing out an accusation or if you have any hard evidence.
MCHENRY: No. It's a question, Wolf. The question remains, were they involved? And if they were not involved, they need to say clearly. And it's a question. It's not an accusation.



At 11:10 AM, Blogger chauncey said...

Indeed. We actually need dense-packs like McHenry to keep shooting their mouths off. Sociopaths are incapable of shame and the sooner they all chime in during the mud slinging, the sooner the entire party will self-immolate.

Bring it on Gingrich, Santorum, Burns. These douche bags resemble a barrel full of filthy doomed rats, treading water in the hope of keeping alive for just one more minute. If there actually is such a thing as Karma, this epic disaster movie is a textbook example.


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