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I've probably been writing about the hypocrisy of Joe Lieberman as long as anyone. But I've never done it as well as Cliff Schecter did today at AlterNet. If you know anyone in Connecticut still undecided about the senate election there-- or anyone intending to vote for Lieberman, please get them to read Cliff's piece. This is the one I referred to on Friday when I said words could be the nails in Lieberman's political coffin.

He lays it all out in black and white, a brilliant, well-researched compendium of all of what makes Joe Lieberman unfit to hold public office. You've probably been reading bits and pieces over the last 3, 4 months but Cliff goes beyond that and into details no one has printed before. Lieberman "would seemingly invade Cuba tomorrow, but charges forth into slave-labor trade deals with Communist China at the behest of his corporate paymasters (and at the expense of his constituents' jobs). He once marched with Martin Luther King Jr., yet now forebodingly and dishonestly refers to Al Sharpton as "one of Ned Lamont's closest advisors," hoping the mere mention of the controversial African-American preacher will summon white-suburban fears of unruly invading black hordes who crave white women and seek Rotary Club membership... Last year Lieberman thought John Bolton wasn't worthy of being U.N. ambassador and voted accordingly. Yet, now that he needs Republican votes to win his do-over bid to hang on to his job, Bolton-- a 'person' who has chased subordinates around a hotel trying to shoe-beat them-- has suddenly become the second coming of Adlai Stevenson or Daniel Patrick Moynihan on the international stage... In 1997, Republican Sen. Strom Thurmond offered a motion to kill an amendment authored by Minnesota legend Paul Wellstone that would have required the secretary of defense to put $400 million into veteran's benefits the following year. Lieberman joined the Thurmond assault on veterans. He also opposed efforts to increase health care spending for veterans by $13 billion over five years in 1996 and an amendment offered by Sen. Tom Harkin to transfer $329 million from defense accounts to the Veterans Affairs Department for health care programs. He has, however, continued to find billions of dollars to support missile defense programs that have shown as much promise as Tucker Carlson on 'Dancing with the Stars.'"


At first I thought Lieberman had just cracked up entirely. Then when I got to the bottom of the page I realized it was just that ridiculous Gerstein thing again. I thought he wasn't allowed to contact the press again when he was on drugs?? I rarely link to Republican and right wing sites but I'll make an exception today since anyone who reads it will probably understand what's wrong with these people and why they have to be stopped as soon as possible (Nov 7). This is the hysterical, McCarthyite Holy Joe/Gerstein Thing response to the New York Times' very reasonable endorsement of Democrat Ned Lamont.


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Senator Joe, the Democrat who cut and ran as an independent...Senator Joe is about as well-versed in the Sith arts as Darth Cheney. But he's pretty interesting to hang out with:


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