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There comes a point in time when courage becomes the by word of the times. These are those times. I feel gratitude toward Mr. Clinton and Mr. Olbermann today as I left sift down through layers of my psyche the information that George Bush will soon have the blessing of Congress to label anyone he pleases an enemy combatant, and that once named so any rights you thought you had cease to exist.

I worry even more in an atmosphere charged with fear where the labels "Al Qaeda" and "Democrats" appear in the same sentence for Tony Snow and Dick Cheney, in an atmosphere where the pResident of the United States calls Democrats obstructionists. Since this administration has such a terrible track record in catching real terrorists it makes me wonder what other phony terrorists they will round up next.

To speak out now, it seems to me, is an act of courage. It is no longer a hobby or something we do as part of routine. At this moment in time, to speak is to immediately put oneself in danger in this our homeland, in this our beloved nation which has been sold to a pack of dogs who do not understand in any way the value of freedom and dignity, even though these are the words they use to sell us hatred and fear.

And, election year worries have made cowards of more than the Republicans as we note that several Senators in tough election race this year did the bidding of Karl Rove and George Bush, and they came down on the side of torture and loss of habeas corpus. Yes, courage everyone! Thanks, well done, you paragons of virtue and morality. Thanks for shaking in your shoes. When the record is read back to you, if and when we get the chance to retake the House and the Senate, what will your excuse be? "I was against the torture before I was for it?" It disgusts me that I have no option than to vote for a coward over a tyrant. We deserve better. Should the rest of us, the voting public also shake in our shoes at the mention of Karl Rove and the Swift Boaters? Role models are you?

I am tempted today to throw in the towel, to give up on our Democracy, to say to hell with you and your whining and your ineffectiveness. How easy to climb into apathy and just forget about the loss of freedoms for the masses. I am main stream enough to pass. But, I won’t.

But, what I will do today is dig deep, and come up with the courage to to believe there is still hope. Today, I will have courage since you legislators cannot seem to muster any. Today, I will keep on fighting to tell the truth, and to live it. And, even though I cannot muster any media support and I cannot make any laws and I cannot influence the powerful, I will continue to do my part. I will continue to call the little dictator what he is. I will continue to call for the strong to guard our freedom. I will continue to be brave and hope they knock on your door before they knock on mine.


At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sometime feel the same deep funk that your going through now. So much of what has happened has been so obvious to anyone with a brain and any integrity. The frustration that I feel as I watch this all unfold and no one who can do anything about it acts as if they know or care. As part of the "Great Unwashed" I have no means, other than my vote, to have any impact on events. Thats been taken away. So all I can do now is add my voice. I talk to friends and strangers. I comment on a few blogs such as this one who I believe may have some of "those" people as readers and maybe my words will reach them. With the new laws that are being put in place that may one day become an act that will be used against me.

I will not, however, let that stop me. I will continue to speak and write. If I must pay for my words then so be it. I will not let the bastards frighten me into silence. In the end we will be vindicated. Tyranny always fails in the end and those who were its victims are remembered.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

I always start with this simple premise, that man is no more important in the overall scheme of life, then a bug. And I'm quite sure I believe it.
While I will choose to protect the life of virtually any human being over the life of a bug, (species affinity I guess?) I also will admit that some don't deserve life's amazing offerings. It's with that assessment that I can truthfully say as a rational human being that the day I see Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and George W Bush's name on the obituary pages, I'll be pleasantly suprised. They don't deserve the blessings of creation. They stand in the way of humanity as they act to advance corporate power over the people, (and their tax dollars.)
Best we can do as a nation of people is vote these thugs out of office and wait for mother nature to take them away. They don't do the work of the people; they work against the people. Period. And a nation led by criminal opportunists will suffer dearly in its wake. Step on them like a bug when you place your vote in November.


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