Saturday, August 26, 2006

Quote of the day: Martin Short, talking about his Broadway show, makes you wonder if Karl Rove could do comedy (Yeah, but would it be funny?)


"It's a fictitious journey of my life, so we go through the phase when I was in Hair--not that I was in Hair, 'cause it's all a lie, the whole thing is. If you're going to tell your life, why not just make it up and lie to the audience? People do it anyway. There's no truth up there."
--funnyman Martin Short, explaining his one-man show, Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me, to Jon Stewart this week on The Daily Show

The exchange continued:

MARTY: And by the way, when you come backstage, I don't want truth from you.

JON: Really?

MARTY: No, I don't want to hear you say . . .

JON: Give me something that is a great thing to say, because I don't . . . go to these shows and come backstage, because I am . . . you don't know what to say. What would be a great thing to say when you come backstage at a big production like this?

MARTY: You would come back and say, [in character] "Oh Marty, come on, are you . . . [with hand gestures] what you do! . . . and it's, it's not even like we're aware of it, and yet it's been done!"

JON [writing]: "Done"?

MARTY: Yeah.

JON [still writing]: "What you do!"

MARTY: Yeah.

JON [still writing]: "It's been done!"

MARTY: Yeah. [back in character] "I mean, you walk into a room, and you are [gesturing with hands and fingers coming closer together] . . . because you've got that kind of extra-special [snaps fingers] something. And I don't think you're born with it. I think you also learn it."

JON: 'Cause here's what I was thinking: "Hey, man, what's up? Where's the cheese plate?"

MARTY: That will do.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Zappatero said...

it was hilarious.

'course, people are dying for Rove's little "funnies" that gets the DC crowd all a-twitter.

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, the so-called reporters at Bush's rare pressers always seem to find his joke the height of teh hilarity.

Glad there are others who appreciate Martin Short!

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

Yah, fantasyland at the ole Rove ranch has caught up with him. Now his fantasy's are being played out but the problem is, he doesn't realize the lies he's told to twist reality have actually twisted reality enough for people to see the lies in them and now, he and his boys, monkeyboy and triggerman, are forced to live in the aftermath of those lies. Unfortunately, so are we. What took people so long? Really!


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