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Just a week or so ago Joe Scarborough asked the question, "Is Bush an idiot?" What the Democrats and the grassroots have been asking for years was finally in print at the bottom of our TV screens.

The president countered with his reading list, and went on acting like an idiot.

I watched on C-span today the round table discussion of US Foreign policy. There again, real live human beings on national television, no less, stating the obvious, that our foreign policy was going    awry. No matter how politically correct they intended to be, the bottom line was obvious, America is suffering serious challenges brought on by our cowboy "diplomacy" and Bush’s tendency to shoot first and ask questions later foreign policy. What has been obvious to many of us in the last 6 years was being stated in plain language.

The Bush administration is working overtime to polish their already permanently marred image with a barrage of photo ops for Bush the lesser along the pristine beaches of New Orleans. Karl Rove even poked his bespectacled head out of his hidey hole recently to speak against the Democrats, Cheney likewise. Polls tell us that Bush is barely above 30% in popularity. The last poll I read on Cheney was around 19%, and new polls tell us that Americans do not like KKKarl either. The right’s feasting on its own has put Condi on hold. So desperate are they that yesterday, they bring out Donald Rumsfeld, dementia poster boy, to announce that those of us, far and wide who do not agree with Bush’s failed policies are Nazi’s and terrorists. [Personal note: I hope this works as well for Rummy as it has for the left. Here a Nazi, there a Nazi, everywhere a Nazi Nazi]

If FOX "News" is any indication of the way the wind is blowing in this administration, and there is no reason to believe it is otherwise, then I would say Georgie Porgie is ginning up for an attack on Iran. Oh, boy! Nothing like 3 failed fronts to lift American morale. Many would argue this is demonstrably insane.

Perhaps it is time to stop calling Bush and his cronies Nazis and for someone to step forward and ask a more serious question. And, that is this: Is George Bush mentally incompetent? I stopped asking long ago if George is an idiot; clearly he is. Would Joe have taken on that story if it were not easily demonstrated? But, here is a new one. It is a simple relevant question. Get Joe Scarborough on the phone! Isn't it time to ask, seriously, "Is George nuts?"

Imagine that scrolling across the bottom of the screen.


Well, it's not just Mags (and everyone we know) who's asking questions about Bush's mental capacity. This morning David Corn muses about what makes Bush incapable of understanding the difference between a goal and a strategy to achieve that goal.


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, hes an idealogue. So, lacking empathy and being willfully ignorant of any new ideas, hes doomed to fail. What Barbara Tuchman said the worst feature a ruler could have: "woodenheadness". Re-reading "The March of Folly" is making me furious.

This "cowboy" diplomacy term is BS in one way. Cowboys, at least the local sheriffs, never ever shot first. Bush fascist "preemption" is pulling the trigger first.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Bush is a Right Wing Authoritarian who we know isn't very bright and isn't inquisitive at all, which is normal for RWA's anyway. We knew that from the start, but what is really frightening is it appears everyone else in the administration isn't much brighter and are in fact quite nutty as well.

I swear the White House is sounding more and more like the bunker in Berlin at the end of WW2.

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The key word there "end" of WW2.

I would definitely settle for the end of this administration.


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