Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Yesterday was a big day at McNerney headquarters. Fresh from smashing up Rahm Emanuel's handpicked Big Business Democrat in the June 6 primary and having won Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriot voting selection, McNerney landed two more major endorsements that will help him beat Dirty Dick Pombo. He won the DfA Grassroots All-Star vote and he was just named the latest Combined Netroots candidate-- which means Daily Kos, Swingstate Project and MyDD will all add him to their ACT BLUE Pages. (He's already on the DWT one.)

Chris Bowers over at MyDD has a great endorsement and has some new polling that Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research did for Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. It shows that 52% of likely voters think Pombo should not be re-elected (with only 35% thinking he should be). And in a trial heat with Jerry, Pombo is bested by 4%.

Rahm Emanuel, still smarting over the way McNerney made mincemeat over his pro-Corporate, Insider candidate has already boasted to ROLL CALL that the DCCC won't help McNerney's race. There's only one way to beat Pombo in 2006-- grassroots people power. We have an opportunity to send Bush and his rubber stamp Republicans a message that we're sick and tired of their failed and catastrophic policies and at the same time we can tell corporate Democrats like Emanuel that we don't intend to trade in one bunch of shitheads for another branch of the same Wall Street-owned system. So far Down With Tyranny readers have contributed, overwhelmingly in small donations, $2,227.30 towards Jerry's campaign, about one-fifth of his ACT BLUE total. Today would be a good day to think about how we have a chance to replace the guy who is trying to drill off the coast of California and who has advocated selling the National Parks, with a man who has dedicated his life not to political buffoonery and corruption but to seriously studying alternative energy-- someone who understands that public service is different from Dick Pombo's avaricious, self-serving approach to being a congressman. Please consider Acting Blue today.