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Not many of the craven, Inside-the-Beltway Bush-enablers/collaborators who make up the pathetic elected Democratic Party have endorsed Russ Feingold's extremely moderate-- some would say too moderate; it is, after all, a clearly impeachable offense-- proposal to censure George Bush for his brazen, defiant lawbreaking. However, as weak and pusillanimous as are the bulk of Democratic (and Republican) senators, actual grassroots Democrats-- the real ones, not the co-opted millionaires who make a career of it-- have a different take on Senator Feingold's proposal.

According to today's NEW YORK TIMES, "among Democrats, 60% favored the effort." 42% of all Americans, even before a debate or a legislative hearing (which, obviously can never happen under the circumstances of a no-checks-no-balances-rubberstamp congress) favor censure.

Barbara Boxer (D-CA), the only Senator with the balls to have formally challenged Bush's theft of the 2004 election in Ohio, and Tom Harkin (D-IA) have signed on as co-sponsors and many Democrats, like Ted Kennedy, Carl Levin, and Pat Leahy are taking the safe route by claiming they support hearings into the matter. A number of institutionally cowardly Democrats-- Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, Sherrod Brown, for example-- are shitting a brick in the fear that standing up to Bush is too negative and that voters won't stand for it. These people are collaborators in the downfall of our democracy (and I'm not talking just about the blatant traitors like Joe Lieberman and Henry Cuellar, but about people we have the right to expect better from).


Matt over at MyDD pointed out a great quote from Ned Lamont today. "I'm sort of sympathetic to the idea of a censure, it seems like an appropriately modest remedy in a short-term way to say nobody's above the law. Senator Lieberman said, 'I don't want to scold the president.' Well, why not? When he's wrong I think he should be scolded, and that's an appropriate way to do it." Unfortunately Ned won't have a vote in the U.S. Senate until he displaces Bush's and the Republican's very favorite Democrat, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. Is Lamont the kind of man you want in the U.S. Senate? Know any Democrats in Connecticut? Have any spare change?


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Dameocrat said...

Now we know the real reason Sherrod Brown was preferred over hacket. He is one of those "good voting record," sellouts. Obama is too.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Democrats may not be signing on board, but in an odd twist Republicans are--at least in the sense that they appear to have decided to make the midterm election about impeachment.

A recent Repulican fund-raising email calls out Feingold's censure resolution as extreme and then attempts to tar the Democratic party as a whole as being on board, when clearly this is not the case.


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