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I reported a few days ago that David Lutrin has decided to withdraw from the race to unseat Mark Foley. An idealistic progressive, Dave was always driven by only the best and most public-minded of intentions in his decision to run for Congress. No one is as skilled as Rahm Emanuel in turning peoples' idealism into crap. He and the other Inside-the-Beltway power mongers we have allowed to take possession of the once proud Democratic Party-- just as Americans we have allowed Bush to take possession of our Nation-- have driven dozens of progressive and grassroots candidates out of races across the country to make room for their own Republican-lite-- and as Adam labels them, "Republicrat"-- candidates, devoid of passion or even strongly held beliefs on any issues. As I've said over and over, of you want to know if a Democratic challenger is a Rahm Emanuel shill, just check the website. If Iraq is brushed under the rug-- no position-- you found a Rahmite. Run the other way-- not further to the right, of course, where there is a no-doubt an at least equally bad, and probably worse, Republican waiting-- but to a grassroots or progressive challenger struggling to stay in a race and having to spend all his or her time fighting off Emanuel and his minions.

I'm embarrassed by the effusive praise from Dave for the small amount of publicity DWT managed to give his race but I've decided to go ahead and share his withdrawal letter with everyone anyway. This is a very decent man and our country would have been better off had he not been torpedoed by the hierarchy of political party whose values he represents far more than do Rahm Emanuel and the other elite power brokers in DC.

It is with deep regret, a heavy heart, and yet with clear conscience that I have decided to no longer seek the Democratic nomination for Florida’s 16th District in the United States House of Representatives. 

Throughout the campaign, I stated over and over that I would not drop out of this race and now I have. I feel as if I have betrayed all of you who were loyal to me and for that I am truly sorry. 

This decision was based on time and money.  I have not raised enough money this late in the campaign to hire the quality professional help that is needed to supplement my family and the phenomenal, dedicated volunteers who have worked with me on this campaign. 

To those of you who are familiar with the history and circumstances surrounding the Democratic race in District 16, the extra-curricular activities designed to manipulate the outcome, and influence my decision to vacate the race, only inspired and motivated me to forge on longer than I probably should have.

I owe so much to so many who have helped, advised, and educated me during this campaign.  I am truly grateful to have had my life enriched by the many friends I have made as well as having been enlightened to discover who my enemies were.

I entered this race because I feared for the future of my daughter and my country and that I needed to do something to save them.  Now that I am out of the race, and after all that I have learned, I fear for them even more and that makes me feel incredibly helpless.  However, I am not defeated and will be back when the right race presents itself.  I now understand how the machine works and won’t fall behind next time.

In the meantime, there is much work to be done and I will continue to fight for the issues that I have fought for during my campaign.  Please check my website ( on a periodic basis to see the status of issues close to my heart that I will be working on such as: Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Single-Payer Universal Healthcare, and getting out of Iraq.

I want to give a special thanks to Howie Klein who took up my cause and provided enormous support, as well as Adam, the Art Department, who turned me into Superman (March 1, 2006).  Howie is the real Superman, battling evil and the villains who attempt to shred our civil liberties and the dignity of our constitution.  Howie and ‘Down With Tyranny’ is a voice for the “not so mythical” little people.  Please continue to support the DWT candidates.  Thanks Howie, I’ll be back.

Your Friend Always,
David Lutrin

The gloves are comin' off. If you want to help out any of the remaining DWT candidates, you know the drill. Thanks! And thanks to Dave for putting up with the dirty tricks from Rahm Emanuel and his corrupt coterie; with Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?


At 6:52 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Gawd, this is depressing.

If we had a party worth fighting for, people like Dave Lutrin would be the people we would look forward to rebuilding it around. The three issues he mentions--stem-cell research, single-payer health care, and getting out of Iraq--would be terrific issues to rally around if we weren't trying to try to trick "moderate" voters into thinking that we're just like Bush Republicans except . . . well, except what? It's not at all clear to me exactly how Emanuel Democrats ARE different from Bush Republicans.

Confidential to Rahm: You're so busy imitating the worst of Karl Rove's tricks that you've lost track of what it means to believe in a forward-looking political program. Whatever one might say about Newt Gingrich--and I don't mean to sentimentalize; on the contrary, it seems to me crucial to remember the harm his cynical opportunism did the country--he didn't bring his "revolution" about by pretending not to believe in anything controversial.


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Dave Lutrin
Bravo to all who were on the side of this passionate and distinguished challenger, and shame to those who not merely said, but demonstrated, that the struggle has some very different dimensions when looked at from another perspective--a perspective that's quite the opposite of the righteousness Lutrin, we hoped, represented. One expects that Mr. Lutrin will be back bigtime, even though he appears reluctantly to have agreed for now that it is in the "better interests" of those who putatively lead the opposition, to stand back for a while. Another swinish herd is now calling the shots? We need new definitions and certainly a new set of directions.


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