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Many Democrats were laughing so hard when the hapless and eternally corrupt Katherine Harris-- her senatorial campaign floundering in a sea of bribery scandals and gross mismanagement-- pledged to use her entire inheritance ($10 million) + sell all her worldly posessions to fund her race, that one wag started a great website called Make Her Spend It All. Today's Orlando Sentinel is reporting that she was only kidding.

"In an effort to jump-start her sputtering Senate campaign, Rep. Katherine Harris went on national television invoking the memory of her late father and saying the money he left her will form the financial foundation of her challenge to Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. Now the Harris campaign says that's not the case."

Her campaign spokeperson now says Harris is being clear that she is NOT using an inherited money on her campaign. "Clarity," or rather, lack thereof, is exactly what has made Katherine Harris one of the most reviled and despised elected officials anywhere in the United States. Everyone thought she was being clear on Sean Hannity's GOP propaganda infomercial on Fox when she said-- clearly-- "I'm going to take his legacy that he gave to me, everything I have, and I'm going to put it in this race. I'm going to commit my legacy from my father-- $10 million." Still one of the hack rght-wing shills still working on the seriously out-of-control and doomed Harris campaign, a Morgan Dobbs, told the Orlando Sentinel that "It is my understanding from her statements that she does not plan to use inherited money on the campaign-- rather, money from liquidating her personal assets, which she says total $10 million. I think I am being pretty clear." Indeed... as clear as Harris was when she fixed the 2000 Florida election in Florida to make it seem like George Bush won instead of Al Gore, even though Gore had far more votes.


If anyone doubted Adam's and Sophie's portrayal of Katherine Harris as a demented lunatic in need of serious mental care, they need only turn to today's ST PETERSBURG TIMES and read the astounding article-- about the candidate of a major political party for the U.S. Senate... in 2006-- "Harris Puts Her Faith in Religion". The article claims that more and more of her staffers are jumping ship as Harris's campaign has taken an increasingly whacky evangelical bent.

Seems that Harris, now mad as a hatter, has found her own personal Rasputin. "Colleagues say Harris' closest confidante lately appears to be spiritual adviser Dale Burroughs, founder of the Biblical Heritage Institute in Bradenton. 'Dr. Dale,' as she is known among campaign staffers, describes herself as a licensed clinical pastoral counselor who counsels in behavior temperament, career, crisis and disaster, among other things. Burroughs has been advising Harris for years, but lately has had a more prominent role as Harris stopped listening to other campaign advisers."

Harris former campaign manager, Jim Dornan-- who realized she was out of her gourd last November and resigned-- says the religionist mania has "always part of the background, but it was never an integral part of the campaign. It never engulfed her. She's grasping for a pillar she thinks this campaign can be raised on." Reportedly every single member of Harris' top campaign staff is leaving her. Several think she needs to be institutionalized.


As of today, Katherine Harris has neither been committed to a mental institution nor indicted for her role in any of the widespread Republican corruption schemes she participated in. Both of those eventualities are still looming. But she has something more pressing besieging her at the moment. According to today's ORLANDO SENTINEL, the few top staffers left working on Harris' doomed and forlorn senate campaign are quitting.


At 7:42 AM, Blogger Alicia Morgan said...

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place - the Republicans owe her 'big time' and yet she's just a nightmare of a candidate, with no business being anywhere near a public office. I thought she was crystal clear on her boyfriend Sean Hannity's show. Especially with her Biblical code-words to the evangelicals - "widow's mite", "pearl of great price". Unfortunately for her beleaguered spokespeople, she couldn't have been more clear.

I say, why think so small, Katherine? A Senate seat is too confining for your awesome posterior. Do your fans a favor and go for the brass ring. Run for President, Katherine! Who's going to stop you? You have the Republicans over a big ol' barrel, darlin'! I'll donate to your campaign for sure!


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