Tuesday, November 08, 2005



I stopped making fun of the NY DAILY NEWS and their super-connected DC bureau chief, Thomas DeFrank, at least a month ago when I noticed the NEWS was getting the inside dope on BushCo before the NY TIMES or WASHINGTON POST. Well, today Monsieur DeFrank, has a real doozy published in THE NEWS, headline of which being "Dubya-Cheney Ties Frayed By Scandal." The story claims TreasonGate or RoveGate or whatever you want to call the scandal caused by Cheney and Rove deciding to avenge themselves on Ambassador Joseph Wilson by destroying his wife's career at the CIA (and in the process, committing treason, etc) is just the latest in a series of events that has soured the relationship between Bush and Cheney. "Multiple sources close to Bush told the Daily News that while the vice president remains his boss' valued political partner and counselor, his clout has lessened - primarily as a result of issues arising from the Iraq war. 'The relationship is not what it was,' a presidential counselor said. 'There has been some distance for some time.'"

DeFrank reports "sources familiar with Bush's thinking say Cheney's zealous advocacy for what has become a troubled [leave it to the NEWS to dig out an adjective like "troubled" instead f something more appropriate, like catastrophic] Iraq policy has taken a toll-- especially since Cheney's predictions about how Iraq would play out have proven optimistic. These sources also said Libby's indictment was a wakeup call for White House aides who have long believed the Cheney national security operation has enjoyed too much of a free hand in administration policymaking. 'The vice president's office will never be quite as independent from the White House as it has been,' said a key Bush associate. 'That will end. Cheney never operated without a degree of [presidential] license, but there are people around who cannot believe some of the advice [Bush] has been given.'"

Sounds like Bush is trying to distance himself from Cheney and the neo-cons in case war crimes trials come up. "I didn't know nuthin'. I was just following orders. They tricked me!" I can't wait; Bush plays Ken Lay, Bernie Ebbers and Dennis Kozlowski.


At 6:29 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

watching this thing crumble is far more fun than I had imagined!
somebody turn the lights down a little ... it's getting awefully warm in here. too bad it's done so much damage.

p.s. ya'll think maybe bush should have stayed away from Virginia this week? lol
and what about dick morris? did you see him running his mouth about how Corzine spent so much money in his state to win? as though the republican mayor of New York DIDN'T spend over a HUNDRED MILLION for re-election security ???


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