Monday, July 25, 2005



Every outside-the-Beltway poll I see, shows the vast majority of Americans open but wary about Bush's nomination of arch-conservative John Roberts to the Supreme Court. People are starting to wise up about what BushCheney are up to and how it is destroying our country. At the same time, every inside-the-Beltway prognosticator shows Roberts sailing through confirmation. According to an AOL poll today over 70% of respondents think ALL the documents Roberts wrote for past Administrations should be released as part of his confirmation hearings, something the Bush Regime knows will unmask him as a fanatic extremist at a time when they're trying to pass him off as a middle-of-the-road-garden-variety-conservative. A large majority also wants Roberts to answer the question about overturning Roe v Wade, something about as likely as George Bush going for 24 hours without telling a lie.

People are starting to wake up to what the Republicans are up to. The most blatant and avaricious corruption in the history of our nation-- with at least a dozen GOP congressmen looking towards serious indictments for accepting bribes for votes and a whole state's (Ohio's) Republican Party
mired in a scandal that turned the Workmen's Compensation Fund into a honeypot for GOP campaigns, dirty tricks and vote rigging financing and, of course, for individual enrichment of Republican bigshots-- is starting to make an impression. Add to that Rove's, Libby's Cheney's, BUSH'S, Gonzalez', McClennan's constant string of twisted half-truths and out-and-out lies about the outing of a secret service agent for cheap political revenge, as well as a too-long-in-coming dawning on most of us that Bush has been lying about his incompetent and ill-fated attack on Iraq from Day 1, and there is a definite stirring in the country. Is BUSH and his crew fit to name a Supreme Court judge? The Democrats in the U.S. Senate will be the last to figure it out. Hopefully they'll get a message from the very Republican Ohio 2nd Congressional District in about a week that regular people do not think so.

(If Roberts gets confirmed, which is likely, will he recuse himself in cases involving the treasonous Rove, who was publically instrumental in appointing him? And if Democrats sweep Congress in 2006 and Bush gets impeached will Roberts be allowed to vote?)


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